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QUACKCAST 171 - Let's do the timecast again!

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, June 17, 2014


- Bad art by me, Ozoneocean “Frankenfueter”.

This is Banes from the future.
I've come back to warn you of a grim, grim fate that awaits us all. Please go back in time and contribute to the Quackcast on the subject of time travel. Last time, you didn't contribute and it DESTROYED THE DAMNED WORLD!
We can't allow this to happen again. This Dystopia is a true horror. All the toilets operate backwards. A nightmare!
We asked people what they thought of the mind-bending story device of time travel, what variations of time travel stories they liked, what variations they disliked, or weather they dislike Time travel altogether (some people do).
We also wanted to know their favourite time travel stories (or experiences, if they happened to be a real time traveller), what movies, books, comics, songs, or whatevers about time travel did they like, dislike, and why? We had some good contributions on this fave story theme and it also gave us a chance to chat about some of the great time travel stories in pop-culture that abound!

Topics and Show Notes:

Featured comic:
The Adventures of Grumpy Bear and Mr. Goose -

Our Contributors:
El Cid “The Sontaran” -
Gunwallace “The Dalek” -
PitFace “McFly” -
HippieVan “the Tardis” -
ironhand “Bill S. Preston, Esquire” -
Genejoke “Ted ”Theodore“ Logan” -
Bravo1102 “The Connecticut Yankee” -

Special thanks to:
My Co-host, Banes “The Master” (bater) -
Feature presenter Kawaiidaigakusei “Mr Peabody” -
Another fantastic musical theme by phenomenal musical talent Gunwallace “The tomorrow person” -

The musical theme this time was for B.A.S.O. by Genejoke -



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