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Quackcast 186 - X-men of the galaxy wintersoldier

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Sept. 30, 2014


- Art Ozoneocean

No more pre-recorded Quackcasts… Ozoneocean is BACK from Europe! For this Quackcast Banes and Ozone chat about 3 superhero films… well, more like two because BANES bloody didn't see Guardians of the Galaxy! The bastard. Anyway, Ozone and Banes have a bit of a talk about these films and give them a rating out of five. They were all good films pretty much, some better than others, Banes and Ozone talk about the things that worked best, the things that didn't work, and which films were their faves. SPOILER- the film starting with G was THE best out of the 3 by a looooong way!!!!

Topics and Show Notes:

Featured comic:
2014 DD Awards -

Reviewed Movies:
X-men: Days of Future Past
Captain America 2: Wintersoldier
Guardians of the Galaxy

Special thanks to:
Banes, amazing Co-host -
Gunwallace, Great music-man -

The theme song by Gunwallace this week was for:
Hocusha - by Vig Starmax!



tupapayon at 7:26PM, Sept. 30, 2014

Enjoyed your QC... I need to watch those movies.... Ozone mentioned he enjoyed Turkey... I prefer ham myself... Almost all film adaptations leave some fans unhappy... But IMO a movie should stand by itself...

Szyszka666 at 9:36AM, Sept. 30, 2014

Banes, You have to see Guardians, but what's more important... I really recommend the comic! It's awesome :)

KimLuster at 6:08AM, Sept. 30, 2014

Banes, you gotta see Guardians!!!

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