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Happy Earth Day! Fashion Show/Skullbie's Kickstarter

HippieVan at 12:00AM, April 24, 2015

Hey everyone - didja miss me? One final thank you to Kroatz, KimLuster and Ironscarf who wrote three amazing guest posts for me while I was finishing up my coursework and exams. You guys really took it up a notch! Virtual hugs and high fives all around!

Starlight Vega - Visual Novel Kickstarter

Long-time DD member Skullbie is running a kickstarter for her upcoming game Starlight Vega, a GirlxGirl romance/comedy interactive visual novel. She's already over three quarters of the way to her goal, so kick in if you can and make sure she gets there! The rewards look pretty awesome, with a $10 contribution getting you the full game when it's released!

Starlight Vega is a visual novel with GirlxGirl romance routes available for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Aria was snooping around her grandpa’s old house when she stumbles upon a stone and magically releases the demon who was trapped within, Lyria. Instead of immediately endangering Aria’s life, the demon instead flirts with her! With this demon now hanging out in the home, Aria seeks the assistance of her friend Melody to decipher an ancient magic book as a means to be rid of the link between them.

Magical mishaps and flirtatious innuendo abound!

You can pledge by doing a game pre-order (and also get your name listed in the credits) or by also adding on goodies like an artbook, wallpapers, illustrations, and even special limited edition items!

For a longer synopsis, character profiles, art previews and the game demo check out Skullbie's kickstarter here:

Those of you who aren't familiar with Skullbie's work might also want to take a look at her old comic Plastic here on DD!

Fashion of Earthly Delights: An Earth Day Gala

April's theme for VinoMas' DD Fashion Show is Earth Day! Contribute your nature-themed fashions in the forums here!
As you can see above I've already submitted an outfit for my character Dee inspired by the prairies where I was born and raised.

Have a comic milestone, a community project or some comic-related news that you'd like to see here? Do you have original art for our newspost image database? Send it to me via PQ or at hippievannews(at), or leave a comment below!
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Skullbie at 6:35AM, April 26, 2015

Thank you banes! ;_; Aha!

Banes at 1:59PM, April 25, 2015

Awesome that you're doing this Skullbie! Me gonna contribute!

Skullbie at 5:08PM, April 24, 2015

Thanks JnP! And thanks for putting me in the news Hippie. When I have my private jet all DD is invited to party, Mmyes. *sips famous person martini* The jet is a 1/35 scale model aircraft.

VinoMas at 2:29PM, April 24, 2015

Welcome back! Great article!

JustNoPoint at 1:08PM, April 24, 2015

Go Go Skullbie!

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