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2015 Radio Play - Call for Scripts!

HippieVan at 12:00AM, Jan. 9, 2015
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As I mentioned in last week’s newspost, we’re in the beginning stages of doing this year’s radio play. The first step will be to choose a script (or two)! Here are Kroatz’ rules for scripts.


Here's what we're going to do:
- If you want to write a play, say so in this thread, or (preferably) send Kroatz a PQ.
- By January 20th at the latest, send Kroatz a little something about your radioplay; this can take the form of a preview page, a short synopsis, a character list, a little comic you drew, or any other thing that you think sums up the mood, story, or main selling point of your tale. (to be used as a part of the Radioplay companion comic)
- By February 5th at the latest, send Kroatz your finished scripts.
- The script(s) that we will be making into a radioplay, or a series of radioplays, will be chosen by a panel of expert judges.
- If you'd like to be in the jury, (and are indeed not one of the contestants) send Kroatz a PQ. by January 20th at the latest. Merely wanting to part of the judges does not guarantee a spot.
- After the judges have chosen a script, or multiple scripts, there will be a call for voices, with its own set of rules, and a call for comic artists, also with its own set of rules, to be decided later.
- The writers that send in their stuff, and were chosen, will be consulted on some of the further decisions about their work. They might be asked to write more material, or alter their work in a small way.
- No adult material.
- At least 15 minutes of material, although longer is ok.
- 10 characters minimum.
- Write as many parts as possible gender neutral.

Things you might want to think about:
- Different formats encouraged, but not required, like a few small episodes, or something with songs.
- This is a webcomic site, make sure the material is not just people talking, but has some action we can draw as well.
- Writing with a writing partner, more material in less time, and the instant feedback that comes with collaboration.
- Humor. Although of course a serious or dramatic play will be judged on its own merits.
- Space, Pirates, Cowboys, Knights, Detectives, Zombies, Dragons, Witches, Aliens, Soldiers, Gangsters, Romance, Musicians, Slime, Clowns, Dogs and of course Superheroes.

So there you have it – get writing! I strongly recommend that those of you thinking of writing scripts check out the previous radio plays for guidance in terms of format, how to fit humour and action into both radio and comic form, etc. (I linked to these in last week’s newspost, or you can just search for “radio play.”)
And those of you who (like me) aren’t writers, why not give judging a shot? Don’t forget that all potential judges and writers have to get in touch with Kroatz by January 20th!


gene hole’s comic whensdays has passed 300 pages! Quite a milestone!

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