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FEATURED COMIC --> Regarding Dandelions

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, July 15, 2015

Regarding Dandelions is a graphic novel in the true sense of the phrase! It's the moving and compelling tale of two life long friends and their struggles in adulthood, relationships, adversity and worse. Vibrant red headed Ellie is a lot of fun, but she's not that sure of herself, she lacks confidence. Jake is a good man but maybe he has too much of a soft spot for Ellie? Just what lies between these two? Once you start reading Regarding Dandelions you'll find it hard to stop! This is a well written novel about believable characters in believable situations and you want to know more about them. Regarding Dandelions is a dramatic relationship focussed graphic novel. The art style is stylised realism, hand inked and coloured, in black and white with some orange for Ellie's hair.

Read Regarding Dandelions by Kari McElroy, rated M.



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