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How do you store your art supplies?

HippieVan at 12:00AM, May 15, 2015

I realized yesterday, after climbing precariously on boxes in the basement while frantically looking for my acrylic paints and ultimately giving up, that I need a better system for storing my art supplies. While I tend to be an untidy person, most of the things I care about (my books, my records, my perfume collection, etc.) are carefully organized and have their own specials places.

My art supplies, meanwhile, are organized in a completely non-functional ad-hoc way:
- Things that I use all the time - or have used recently - are on my desk. Sketchbook, pencils, pens, iPad, etc.
- Things that I use often or that don't take up much space are scattered about my room. Watercolour paper, watercolours, markers, pencil crayons, glue gun, etc.
- Everything else is…well, sort of all over. In various boxes upstairs and in the basement. Large sketchbooks, arts and crafts stuff, the aforementioned (lost) acrylics.

I briefly experimented with keeping everything in a tackle box, but I found that there wasn't enough space for the bigger items.

Clearly I need a new system. So I'm crowdsourcing ideas! How do you organize your art supplies that they're out of the way when they're not needed, but can be easily located when you need to paint something at the last minute for your sister's birthday?


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bravo1102 at 7:42AM, May 16, 2015

I have an artist supplies zippered satchel that has plastic lidded trays inside. The plastic trays can be set up with dividers as you want. Works pretty well. I wish I had another one for my modeling supplies. I keep my modeling supplies in two huge plastic drawered organizers for paints and craft stuf (trees, foliage, airbrush supplies, ground cover and lots of paint and spare consumables) and a tackle box for varied tools in use currently. In addition there are bunch of pencil holders with the needle files and paint brushes sitting upright so i can grab as needed. There is a lot of supplies. I can get what I need for a project into the tackle box if i ever wanted to take a project on the road. The whole thing about tackle boxes is if it isn't big enough for what you have, get a bigger one. Or if it isn't big enough what do you really need to get something done? Sure you have 800 colored pencils in every color ever but how many have you used to the knub and how many are pristine?

VinoMas at 1:16AM, May 16, 2015

I have a black sturdy artbox called ArtBin from Blink art store. I used to have markers and colored pencils seperated in plastic drawers but I decided I wanted everything together and easy to travel with (not so easy, it's really heavy). It's also not super organized as there's a big tub in the bottom for markers and small areas for colored pencils. Everything gets jossled around. For sheer convenience to get the job done I LOVE IT, but for organizationa and inspiration...not so much. Oh and my colored paper and other art things are plastic bins in my closet.

Luccia at 4:53PM, May 15, 2015

I keep mine in my dresser drawers. I have three for clothes (the rest go in the closet) and the other three for art supplies. For things like material, yarn, beads, and other things that don't go on paper I keep in a box in my closet until I want to use them.

rmccool at 1:28PM, May 15, 2015

I have a large decorative basket for art stuff I use often (ink, pens) that stays on the table. the rest goes in big gallon sized pickle jars and candy jars. bought on the cheep side at thrift stores.and put on the bookshelf, jars have related stuff in them.. pastels, markers, glue gun stuff, beads. tread buttons each get a jar... if I can see it I can find it. paper goods go in baskets.. under the couch.. water color paper card stock each get a basket.. I can find my paper, guest don't see it..

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