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Growing Up on Drunk Duck

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Nov. 2, 2015

Unfinished Digital Art on a Train Ride
Using ProCreate on iOS with Digital Ink

It is a question that has been asked time and time again: “Why did you select Drunk Duck to host your comic?” The answer used to be so simple, I would respond with how the webcomics on DD are all the rage and how I really adored the community. I created my Drunk Duck account when I was twenty-one years old. I was not old per se, but I could legally drink, vote, and gamble, so I had some responsibility in the eyes of the government.

Drunk Duck has been a solid foundation for me during my highest highs and my lowest lows. It has been like a shadow, following the timeline of my life in the background. I am able to match up big events in my life to the site's color scheme and page layout. Drunk Duck was with me during every procrastination session right before a big college final paper. I connected with community members when I was living in non-English speaking Portugal and needed an outlet for communication. Drunk Duck was always waiting for me late at night when I returned home to my apartment after long hours at my first and most rigorous job in Downtown Los Angeles. I brought Drunk Duck with me when I backpacked all over Asia because it was one of the few American websites that was not blocked by government firewalls. Drunk Duck kept me company when I began studying design and the Quackcast got me through tons of all-nighters while riding public transportation or working on material boards and CAD projects.

Back in 2013, while living abroad in Canada, ozoneocean invited me on board as a Comic Featurer and Monday News writer during a Saturday morning conference call. I did not hesitate to accept the opportunity to share and contribute my stories with a worldwide audience. My very first newspost was published on the same day as my 28th birthday.

Most of the time, I hold back on what I really want to say and conceal it with obscurities and general ideas. I am going to go in a different direction today and show a more vulnerable side of my personality. Think of it as a black knight chess piece without armor.

It was during this past year, the last year of my twenties, that I fell deeply in love with a man I greatly admire and had that love requited. The chances of him reading this article are slim to none, but even if my words fall on deaf ears, at least they are still readable. By opening myself up to another human being, I learned more about my positive traits, my strengths, my weaknesses, and my shortcomings than when I was alone. Being in love also taught me to be selfish while being my most selfless with another person.

The Counting Crows once said, “If dreams are like movies, then memories are films about ghosts.” Life and unpredictable happenstance decided that all things, even the best things, must eventually end. My relationship was not the exception. And even though we are hardly on speaking terms and practically strangers now, I still think about him fondly. If I could say one more thing to him, it would be, “Thank you for not leaving me broken, but for helping me put the pieces back together.” I wish growing apart was not a part of growing up.

In my darkest days, Drunk Duck was there for me to help ride out the waves of doubt. The forums are like that bar in Cheers where everybody knows your name and I appreciate every post and contribution anyone has ever added to the General Discussion forum. So why did I select Drunk Duck to host my comics? Because I get a sense of camaraderie on this site with a core group of like-minded individuals who also enjoy webcomics.

My road to acceptance started with eating a healthy diet of mostly fruits and vegetables, getting active again by taking long walks, spending a lot of time reading while going on dates with myself, and being conscientious of my appearance when I went out. I began taking and passing exams that would open up my job prospects and I even started working and earning money again. It was validating to know that the end of my relationship did not mean that I also had to lose myself in the process. I know the value of my own self-worth and picking myself up did not mean that I had to stop smiling or laughing. Letting go is not about losing something or saying goodbye. It is about letting go of crippling fear and taking my foot off the brake pedal in order to move forward without having resistance holding me back.

Life has lightened up and I am much happier for it. I am more hopeful about the future because I now know that a broken heart can be repaired and has the ability to love again. I am about ready to let go of the twenties and embark on the adventures that the new decade has in store for me. The twenties were fun and I spent them with Drunk Duck. I will be back next week with my first post as a thirty-something.

Over and out.



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"Such a no brainer. What this guy can do with one panel, just one illustration and keep it all about the nominees. Absolutely fabulous. Oh and he knows to draw really nice pictures, too.

fallopiancrusader always delivers stellar art with the most amazing architectural background scenes for the awards show. He is a true asset to the Drunk Duck Awards and the community as a whole."


Over the last 6 months The Drunk Duck Awards and #Pageant 2015 have shared the same venue to flawless effect. And now, today, both are officially over. Thanks to you and everyone who participated and/or promoted them. The turn out for voting was and is a bit nonexistent for our premiere season, which is fine as some people don't want to vote for art, but PLEASE get those last minute votes in either on the webcomic or in the Drunk Duck facebook group aka DD@FB (no one voted in the forum).

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If you haven't seen, November's theme is Giving Thanks, but it's really FanArt. Artists will draw and submit characters and fashions from Drunk Duck webcomics. Of course they could replicate clothes or create new fashions using the paper dolls everyone created in the forum, or just do something new. Giving Thanks is basically a shout out to those who inspire you.


Quackcast 245: Did Hapless Main Characters Create the Friendzone Myth?

ozoneocean is asking the community:

You know the hapless main character in a lot of stories, usually comedies, they're often Mr super average or a bit of a loser? They often have a lot of trouble getting the girl of their dreams to notice them, they fall into the “friendzone”, they're nice guys, blah blah blah…

And this makes me think of the real life creepy “nice guy” group of people- with the neck beards, vicious misogyny, intolerant atheism, cheap stingray fedora style hats, who hate feminism and aren't really very nice people at all.
They're very unlike that hapless main character trope, and yet they identify so strongly with them!

- So What I'm asking is does this trope exist because we really can all relate to it in some way, because we all (men AND women), feel like hapless losers at times and just want that specific person to notice us?
- Or is this mainly a completely FICTIONAL trope that has become real because we're so used to it that we think it really does apply to real situations?
- OR, is it a hybrid of the two things: we CAN all relate to it, but the fictional parts of the trope have warped some people's views of relationships?

Submit your responses by responding to the forum thread!


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VinoMas at 7:38PM, Nov. 2, 2015

Wow, what a beautiful story Kawaii. I'm so glad Leona is there for you. ;) And we all are. My life story is very similar to yours and it's been so nice having Drunk Duck there on the journey.

Banes at 2:13PM, Nov. 2, 2015

Beautiful, poignant stuff, kawaii. I have to credit DD for whatever creative output I've managed in the past four years. Being on this site also got me through 2013, my most challenging year in recent memory. It was often the only bright spot during some difficult days! I quit Facebook, too, so DD is still my multiple-times-per-day stop. There is a special kinship here, with all these people who are creating and/or appreciating comics. Even more than that, the place just feels right.

KimLuster at 5:04AM, Nov. 2, 2015

Thanks for writing this! I've been around a bit longer than you young ladies but ohhh do I know these moments! So poignant, so bittersweet, but oh so wonderful (well, some of them)! I've been with DD for three years now, and although I'm at a very stable and happy moment in life, DD has certainly become a fixture and constant for me as well!

usedbooks at 5:01AM, Nov. 2, 2015

I joined in 2007 to create an online backup of the storyboards I drew for my friends. I joined because of the html editor and the view of the community seeming the least likely to harass and make fun of me. :P I was terrified of communicating with new people, even online, when I joined. But the overwhelmingly encouraging people here helped break my phobia and build my confidence (and, I guess, encouraged me to keep at the art no matter how bad I was). So, yeah, I am a better person because of DD.

kawaiidaigakusei at 1:30AM, Nov. 2, 2015

Thank you, Peipei, for your thoughtful response! You were actually one of my first regular and dedicated comic readers when I first joined the site and oh what a wild ride it has been.

Peipei at 1:22AM, Nov. 2, 2015

This news post really spoke to me, considering i've been with the Duck for a very long time! I joined the Drunk Duck community all the way back in 2006! (I was about 20 years old, wow!) I had been battling some pretty serious physical health problems (Crohne's disease, IC, and severe IBS) at that time and the Duck was my main entertainment outlet since I was way too sick to venture out and do more physically challenging things back then! Most of the community members I met back then have sadly vanished without a trace, but i'm still pretty surprised that a handful of veteran members are still around (you guys know who you are! ^.~) Drunk Duck has been a sort of spring board for my creativity as cheesy as that may sound! I've been here for almost 10 years and I expect to be here for another 10! I hope to be able to grow and improve my artwork and story telling skills in every way possible and hopefully meet even more new faces along the way! :D

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