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QUACKCAST 260 - D.U.C.K. Radio1

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, March 1, 2016

Art by Ozoneocean

Welcome to D.U.C.K. Radio! Get ready for your DJs: Smooth Ramone, Hard rock Jimmy Storm (BRINING THE THUNDER!!!), Weatherman Rhet Blanket, Conspiracy theorist Smiley Fraudson, and hilarious* Maple and The Syrup (*they're not funny). This is the first part of Radio DUCK, we're bringing you ALL of the fantastic themes Gunwallace has composed for many great webcomics. You got a small, tiny, insignificant taste little taste of it in Quackcast 258, now be prepared to take the FULL blast! 29 of Gunwallace's classic themes in this cast and two more casts to go to get the rest so stay tuned.
Gunwallace radio - All great music all the time!

Topics and shownotes

Featured comic:
Drunk Duck 54 cards community project -

Get your OWN Gunwallace created theme by helping out DD -
All Gunwallace's projects on DD -
Gunwallace's homesite! -

Track list:
Entanglement -
Pegwarmers -
The Temple at Fifty Fathoms -
Andee Candy -
Barbarian Adventure -
Demon Eater -
The Understanding -
JustAnotherDay -
May the Rain Come -
Smorty Smythe -
Ginger and Shadow -
Lite bites -
Albert the Alien -
FOX Academy -
All Unicorns to Battle Stations -
Throviria -
X UP -
The Flower and The Nose -
Inappropriate Irving -
Joe Pop -
Everyone Laughs at the Crocodile Man
Caggage -
Dead Leon -
Duck and Quail -
Regarding Dandelions -
Journey man -

Special thanks to:
Gunwallace -
Banes -



Ozoneocean at 7:55PM, March 1, 2016

Thanks Ash!

ashtree house at 9:41AM, March 1, 2016

Awesome list!!

Ozoneocean at 3:22AM, March 1, 2016

Thanks man. Gunwallace did a great job on the script!

Genejoke at 3:10AM, March 1, 2016

god stuff

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