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FEATURED COMIC --> Lake of No Return

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, March 16, 2016
tags: by, koustubh, Lake, No, of, rated, Return, T

“I am just a labyrinth of ideas stuck in the middle of nowhere. Death is the only thing that's real. Life is the only thing that deserves saving.”

This first chapter's main title shares its name with Carl Jung's psychoanalytic idea of the the animus, an anthropomorphic archetype of the unconscious mind. A man wakes up alone, haunted from dreams of his past. He walks around the city at night, loitering at the local bars and logs into his computer under the alias schrodinger123. This comic is an exercise of staring into the face of isolation and loneliness.

“Intoxicants might help you make the silent scream of agony. But depression is a drug far more real. The only true high.”

The art has a sketchy feel that is drawn with a digital tablet. There are interesting color selections with some pages entirely one shade of blue or red. The art style has an ethereal, dreamlike quality that has a surreal feel.

Slip into the madness of the mind and read Lake of No Return by koustubh, rated T.




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