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Drunk Duck Awards Judge Roundup

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Aug. 21, 2017

According to JustNoPoint, official judge wrangler, there are still open slots for volunteers interested in judging a few categories. Being a judge is a special privilege. It is the perfect opportunity to get involved if you do not have any comics up for an award. You see, a person would never be placed at a judge for their own comic, so if you have no comics up for an award, then you can technically judge all categories.

The process is simple, first you create an account on the judges forum, then you wait for the top two or three comics chosen for your judging categories. It is necessary to read through the comics archives and write a list of pros and cons for how each comic qualifies for each category. You are also given a co-judge to work with and each side gives an explanation for the best comic for the category until both judges agree on the same winner. Judges may be asked to judge multiple categories, so it helps to have some time set aside to read multiple comic archives.

Sign up to be a judge by sending a PQ to JustNoPoint


Sign up on the Drunk Duck Awards Forum

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