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Trouble logging in?

Ozoneocean at 10:26PM, Dec. 15, 2017

The site had a backend fix yesterday to give us a little more help combating spam accounts signing up, but we've had a couple of reports that people couldn't logo in now.

I've tested the issue on an account and the account had no problems. The issue seems to be browser base. We still don't know what is causing it so here are a few things you can try:

1. Refresh the site.
2. Clear your browser cache.
3. Try a different browser and or different machine to log in with.
4. It could be that account names are no case sensitive, Please try logging in with the case that your nickname is in:
i.e. “Lonnehart” instead of “lonnehart”

When all else fails please try and contact us about it on:
Or email to ozoneocean at gmail dot com.



Ozoneocean at 2:03AM, Dec. 18, 2017

Yeah, unfortunately bugs accompany fixes :(

BearinOz at 11:03PM, Dec. 17, 2017

Yeah, any time there'a EVER been a "fix", it's almost always been a 'f#ck' for me ! google tab doesn't 'bother' with my duckie avatar, so my way in is usually via my little "simply sarah on the duck" thingie at the top. I couldn't add a comment on that, despite it saying I was logged in at the top....until the 2nd go, then I wasn't and login kept failing there. Anyway, I went the long way eventually and got in (obviously B-) )

Ozoneocean at 7:37PM, Dec. 16, 2017

Should be fixed now!

Dragonaur at 5:46PM, Dec. 16, 2017

System wuz case sensitive with the login name in my case.

Ozoneocean at 12:53AM, Dec. 16, 2017

Chrome. But it could be any one of them. Just an issue with not clearing cookies I would imagine.

Coydog at 11:25PM, Dec. 15, 2017

Any idea which browsers seem to be having the most issues?

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