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FEATURED COMIC --> The Archer and the Squirrel

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Feb. 8, 2017

Deep in the forest lives a pale, white squirrel (that might not be a squirrel at all) and it instills fear in the hearts of the country folk who believe it to be an evil beast. The prince of the kingdom has vowed not to marry a bride until the creature has been killed as a testament to the power this squirrel has on the people. There is one brave soul among the crowd, a female archer who has ventured into the forest hoping to kill the beast and renew a sense of calm to the land. Her compassionate side shines through as one of her strengths when she assists an injured bird that was left to die in the forest. This is a story about Good versus Evil, Girl versus Nature, Archer versus Squirrel.

The art is Beautiful!! It is a combination of black ink, handwritten letters, and watercolor paint on textured watercolor paper. If you are a fan of comics drawn in a traditional art style, then this is a must read.

Please read The Archer and the Squirrel by Tieback to follow the young archer deep into the dark woods and discover if she will come across the legendary squirrel. Rated E.




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