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24 Hour comics day 2017!

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Sept. 8, 2017

24 hour comics day is coming up soon!
Will you be participating? The event starts on the first Saturday of October, which falls on the 7th this year: the 7th of October 2017.
What IS 24 hour comics day? Well it's an event that was started by comics guru Scott McCloud many years ago in the mists of time and later on in 2004 it became a regular event. The objective is to write, plan, draw and finish a comic all in 24 hours, usually 24 pages long. It's a difficult challenge but it can be invigorating and inspiring. If you follow the rules strictly you can't plan the comic before the event and once the time is up all work ceases… but there have been many long running, great quality webcomics that had their genesis as 24 hour challenge comics- so if it's good, by all means keep working on it!

I myself have never really participated in a 24 hour comic day. The closest I came was making a fur hat for it. That was during a big event we had through Drunk Duck with the support of Platinum Studious I think. We had live video feeds of people working on their comics at the time and live chatrooms, it was a big thing! And I made a hat because truth be told I'm more of a hat making person than a comicer… But this year I'm aiming to participate and actually try a comic instead! The event here in Perth Australia will be held on the 23rd of September:

The official 24 hour comics blog:

Would you like to do a 24 hour comic thing through Drunk Duck?



Udyr at 5:03AM, Sept. 10, 2017

That is a fabulous hat I must say.

Ozoneocean at 11:40PM, Sept. 8, 2017

I think uploading all the comics to the same account is a great idea to revive, and even if you only do 4 pages, it's still a huge success for having tried the challange :)

Ozoneocean at 11:39PM, Sept. 8, 2017

Thanks for the comments on the hat :D

AmeliaP at 8:25PM, Sept. 8, 2017

Nice hat, by the way!

phinmagic at 8:03PM, Sept. 8, 2017

I probably won't be able to do one ,thus year. I work Saturdays, now. I've done it 4 times. Only once was I successful, but I did finish all of them. They're loads if fun and great practice.

bravo1102 at 7:54PM, Sept. 8, 2017

Long around page 3 or 4 I'd be in so much pain from drawing I'd have to stop. Any other medium requires too much preparation. I remember the 2012 effort. I did a script but too many other projects cluttering up the work space.

Banes at 6:15PM, Sept. 8, 2017

haha, awesome owl - I can imagine most of us would end up with pages that aren't our best. It would be pretty much impossible to do otherwise on a schedule like that!

awsome owl 98 at 6:01PM, Sept. 8, 2017

My god. I'm reading some of the old pages I did and now I really regret admitting to having made them. Their honestly even worse than I remembered. Oh well, live and learn I suppose.

awsome owl 98 at 5:57PM, Sept. 8, 2017

I participated in 24 hour comic book day a few years ago in 2012 I think. There was some sort of event being hosted by a user named Product Placement. In previous years a bunch of Drunk Duck users did it and he uploaded their comics into one big comic. In 2012 however I ended up being the only one who participated. Product Placement put up one page for the 2012 24 hour comic book challenge comic which can be found here but he never uploaded the comics I made. I suspect it was combination of the fact that mine were really bad and that I was the only one who submitted that year. I finally uploaded all the pages I'd made here but be forewarned they are all absolutely ridiculously bad since not only did I only spend a few hours on all 24 of them but also I was only 12 years old at the time.

Avart at 5:03PM, Sept. 8, 2017

Sounds fun and interesting, but... I can't make 24 pages with my drawing style. Maybe just the sketches but very, very rough XD Even for a pro, this is insane!

Banes at 3:24PM, Sept. 8, 2017

Maybe we could do a comic on DD featuring the 24 hour comics people come up with - would that work? I'm not sure if batch uploading is doable yet on DD. Maybe we could just do a community comic with one-page ads and links to peoples' 24 hour comics? I agree that it would be fun to do it via DD

Albino Ginger at 1:28PM, Sept. 8, 2017

I have never done it beforeā€¦ I think I have that day off, and I would definitely try to do it if we did something threw Drunk Duck!

usedbooks at 12:05PM, Sept. 8, 2017

I'll be working, so I have to pass. Or reschedule to my personal weekend. I've never tried it, though. Probably couldn't manage. I would never stay up 24 hours on purpose.

KimLuster at 10:21AM, Sept. 8, 2017

Ha well it sounds fun, but... no way I could do it, Ha!! Looking forward to what you guys come up with!

Banes at 8:21AM, Sept. 8, 2017

Sounds good! I'm gonna do it! Tried once a few years ago and did about 12 pages I think.

Jason Moon at 7:41AM, Sept. 8, 2017

Not me. But recently I started a twitter account. All I really post is my art or links to promote other comics. Seeing all the current news of everything can be entertaining. And trying to spread the word of the Drunk Duck :) I really do like that hat ozone! I would rock one :)

thunderdavid at 7:20AM, Sept. 8, 2017

I've heard of this before. But with work and family there's no way i can crank out 24 pages. BTW. Nice hat. Hey do any of yall have Instagram account of your comics?

Jason Moon at 7:04AM, Sept. 8, 2017

I dig your hat ozone :)

KAM at 7:02AM, Sept. 8, 2017

The problem is when I think about trying to do a 24-hour comic I can't help, but think about what I would try to do which violates the whole idea. Pretty much the only way I might be able to do one is if I woke up and someone said, "Here are your supplies! You're doing a 24-hour comic starting now!" 8-o Although I think some places that host these things try to get around pre-planning by randomly selecting a theme or subject that has to be all or part of the story.

Tantz_Aerine at 2:07AM, Sept. 8, 2017

I'd like to try it. If all my other stuff leave that Saturday open I will.

AmeliaP at 1:10AM, Sept. 8, 2017

If I draw more than I do now, I'll drop dead XD

plymayer at 12:44AM, Sept. 8, 2017

24 hour comics seem like fun. Wore funny hats for twenty years (when I was in the navy).

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