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The 80s are Back!

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, April 2, 2018

It is Thursday evening as I walk up to the ticket window and ask for two IMAX 3D tickets for the much anticipated movie feature. The man at the ticket booth prints me up two paper tickets and hands me some bulky, oversized gray 3D glasses frames. I the stadium theater and Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One lights up the screen. The soundtrack starts up with a nostalgic synthesized sound of Depeche Mode.

The 80s are back, baby!

It is a good time to be mentally present if it means that 80s fads and fashion are making a comeback. Fashion styles have a rotation of every thirty years (which means it is time to break out the large plastic rim glasses frames and colorful geometric coats). I guess the reemergence of 80s culture also applies to heavily to tv shows and movies.

Like any good trend, it is difficult to make it through a whole day without something making an obscure 80s reference. Star Wars and ewoks are back in the mainstream; Middle school students are now making obscure references to Voltron; Rosanne is finally back on air; and does anyone know when Season 3 of Stranger Things is going to be released?

All I know is that it is great to welcome back a decade that I was mentally present enough to appreciate when I was a kid. Now it is just time to rewatch The Last Unicorn and mix up a batch of some Jello Jigglers because the 80s are getting a second wind!!



Zaptoid56 at 10:52AM, April 3, 2018

The 80's..LOL (ancient times to some people) want to hear about the 60's?

Ozoneocean at 8:30AM, April 3, 2018

I still have some clothes from the 80s. The jeans ALLLLLlllllmost fit me. But my waist is about 3 inches too wide and my butt's too big, so the fly won't zip up. Plus they're really tight on the legs... I must have had STICK legs back then!

KimLuster at 6:34AM, April 3, 2018

Oh Gawd...! I was a child of the Big 80s!!! I cringe sometimes when I look at old pictures, or look at my hairband records...!! But God do I love it!!

plymayer at 1:37AM, April 3, 2018

At least my wardrobe is still from the eighties.

plymayer at 1:36AM, April 3, 2018

I'm still living in the eighties.

AmeliaP at 12:58PM, April 2, 2018

"Is that popping up again?" I think it's that nostalgic marketing tool the ravenous salesmen love to use. 80's people generation are pretty depressive/ hopeless lately. (nostalgic != happy).

Gunwallace at 11:34AM, April 2, 2018

Synchronize swatches!

Banes at 6:50AM, April 2, 2018

In honor of the return of the 80's, I shall wear my sunglasses at night! Make it so!

Ozoneocean at 1:08AM, April 2, 2018

There was a lot of 80s fashion around about 5 years ago. Is that popping up again?

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