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Quackast 388 - Coding for Men and women

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Aug. 21, 2018


In this Quackcast we discuss the artistic coding used to represent males and females in comic art in a simple, minimal way. Pitface joins us, along with Banes and Tantz Aerine!
Much like an expert physicist is able to simplify enormously complex equations into something seemingly simple like E=MC2 a good comic artist simplifies the essence of what they're drawing into something that's immediately recognisable without a lot of complexity. We're mainly talking here in terms of drawing men and women. It sounds like the most basic, silly thing, but even pros with years of experience have trouble with it. Some of the art for the new She-Ra cartoon is a great example of that.

This week Gunwallace has given us the theme to Mob ties… Creepy sounds, a shady villa. Mystery abounds, who’s the killer?
Shadows trick, run and hide. Badguys slick, get outside.

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Faded Garden -

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Mob ties -, by Author Ninja, rated T.



Ozoneocean at 11:10PM, Aug. 21, 2018

Haha Banes 😂

Banes at 4:54AM, Aug. 21, 2018

When we did this episode I had some confusion about the word 'coding' so it's funny to see it's central to the whole show XD. In my defense, we did a couple episodes in a row. 'Sides which, I often don't know what's going on, generally speaking...

usedbooks at 3:16AM, Aug. 21, 2018

I draw half the extras in Used Books to look genderless. I have a (will be) recurring named character who is ambiguous on purpose and by his/her choice. (Quinn was really fun to design, btw. Challenging too.)

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