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Quackast 389 - Intimidating Baddies

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Aug. 28, 2018


What makes bad guy intimidating? Tantz Aerine made a great newspost about the question, carefully outlining various key bad-guy properties like confidence, composure, efficiency, and amorality. Banes, Pitface, Tantz and I stomp ALL over that, traipsing about like drunken, muddy rugby players, as we blather on about our opinions of the idea and finish up with no idea what we're talking about.
Seriously though it's a fascinating idea and it's really FUN to talk about some of our favourite really well constructed badguys that exemplify all the traits Tantz talks about! What are you faves? One of mine is James Earl Jones's character Thulsa Doom in Conan The Barbarian: He's utterly unflappable, even when Conan is literally cutting off his head, he's still convinced of his ultimate power over everything. Thulsa Doom is the best badguy ever.

This week Gunwallace has given us the theme to Fluffy 500: Speed, progress, movement! We advance, never reversing. We forge ahead, never rehearsing.

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AmeliaP at 7:26PM, Sept. 6, 2018

For me, the villain is: a person who burns everything and everyone around to keep their beliefs intact. I think everyone is good or bad to and for someone at some point at their lives. I'm tired of being a judgmental f***er and label real people as bad or good (or pretty or ugly, or "smart" or "dumb"). That's the reason I kicked out my over hypocrite sci fi project about the good and the evil and went to the "crime and conspiracy". Trying to understand "bad people" gave me another perspective about myself, about people per se.

Ozoneocean at 12:15PM, Aug. 29, 2018

Thulsa Doom looks normal and really pretty good 😉 that look of compassion and caring he gives little boy Conan's mum breaks your heart... Just before he turns around and lops off her head right in front of her son :(

Banes at 11:43AM, Aug. 28, 2018

mks- that's true! And a person who looks perfectly ordinary but is monstrous on the inside could be much MORE scary!

mks_monsters at 10:33AM, Aug. 28, 2018

In my experience, a scary villain isn't just about making them hard to look at. It's mood. Think real life criminals. They don't look like monsters. They look like average people and some make themselves look good to throw people off.

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