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FEATURED COMIC --> Coward of Valor

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Dec. 26, 2018

Val needs to get some meat for dinner, his mum says so. The market is about to close so he has to go and hunt bubbits… But he's cowardly and easily frightened, and bubbits have sharp teeth and a bad temper and he worries they'll eat him! His fears are almost justified, but a pretty girl by the name or Kora saves him. There's a strange mystery surrounding the fearless Kora, a mystery that's about to bring Val more trouble than he ever dreamed! And thus begins an epic fantasy adventure.
This is a really fun and compelling story set in a fantasy world, it's a comedy action adventure. The art is mainly black and white line art, mostly pencil on paper with chibi style characters. It starts of a little rough but gets smoother in later pages. And there are a LOT of pages to read!

Read Coward of Valor, by Matt@Deadpen, rated E.



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