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Character Voices

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Sept. 3, 2018

Whenever I read comics, I always enjoy making character voices of each character in my head. My favorite print comic has been Get Fuzzy by Darby Conley and ever since I can remember, I gave a two-bit gangster voice to the cat, Bucky and a very slow, well-mannered voice to the dog Satchel. The thing is that the way the two characters were drawn definitely inspired the tuoes of voices I gave the characters.

I was streaming comics and there were videos where fans read out comics in their own character voices, and it turned out that somewhere out there, another Get Fuzzy fan gave similar voices to Satchel and Bucky to the ones I had in my head.

It is amazing how an artist was able to draw character designs that gave off the appearance of having unique voices without even having a cartoon. I found this type of character design to be a great skill set that says more about the ability to draw facial expressions that translate to a character voice.

Do your characters have a unique voice that you have in mind? Has anyone ever read pages of your comic using voices that were very different to the ones in your head?

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AmeliaP at 6:56PM, Sept. 6, 2018

"Do your characters have a unique voice that you have in mind? " Yes, and it makes the voice acting to the game harder than it should be. I hear their voices in my mind, when I edit the dialogues to send to my editor.

KimLuster at 10:00AM, Sept. 4, 2018

I hate the voices I hear when characters 'speak' - they're so bland lol! Seriously, I do all this. Esp. voices with strong accents, children's voices, gruff leaders, etc... Maybe I'm kinda stereotypical with it, but it's fun!

PIT_FACE at 8:33AM, Sept. 4, 2018

My quckcast cohorts have read out some of my character dialogue from Putrid Meat and Blitzov. They weren't bad!Oz's version of Exis as a brooding, shrewd dude was spot on and Blitzov with his East European, Gothic flare was also apt.

usedbooks at 4:39PM, Sept. 3, 2018

The only time anyone read my comic aloud with voices was that time Quackcast did screenplays. They did a really good job! I'm not sure my characters have voices in my head. At least not consistent ones. Interestingly, when I read manga, I usually hear the Japanese voice actors (except speaking English) most of the time. (Unless I prefer or have only watched a dubbed version.)

kawaiidaigakusei at 10:46AM, Sept. 3, 2018

I like doing voices when reading children stories as well!!

PaulEberhardt at 9:31AM, Sept. 3, 2018

I love giving characters silly voices whenever I get the opportunity to read a story out loud. I'm not even particularly good at it, but I love it all the same. And so do children when I read something to them, unless they're laughing out of politeness or just about me.

KAM at 5:48AM, Sept. 3, 2018

Yes, when the Quackcast read a script based on my comic. I never realized Rosemary had such a thick accent. ;-)

bravo1102 at 4:26AM, Sept. 3, 2018

Back in the Great Depression, there was a newspaper strike in NYC and the mayor at the time, Fiorello Leguardia, read them on the radio so people would not miss Dick Tracy, Flash Gordon or Little Orphan Annie. And he did character voices. My mother and grandmother would always mention it when the funnies came when I was small.

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