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99 Dollars and 99 Cents Reaches Milestone and Introduces Scroll-A-Book

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Oct. 1, 2018

Mindcat would like to let everyone know that her comic, 99 Dollars and 99 Cents, has reached its 50th page.

“The thing I'd really like to advertise is the video I made for it on youtube.

“It's called a scroll-a-book, where you can basically read it while the comic scrolls past the screen. I don't know how many others there are online, but I think people will find the idea interesting.


“Chapter 2 will be turned into another scroll-a-book as soon as it's completed. And I'll be uploading one for my other comic, Universe No. 7, as well.

Thanks for checking this out for me,


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ozoneocean at 12:09AM, Oct. 2, 2018

Congrats Mindcat!

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