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Finding webcomic communities

Emma_Clare at 12:00AM, Dec. 27, 2019

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When first starting out in the webcomic field, it’s very easy to feel like you are screaming into the void. Getting eyes on your work can be an uphill battle but, thankfully, the webcomic community is a thriving one and through the power of networking you can gain that edge you might be missing. But where can you find these communities?

Social media
When it comes to finding communities there are many options out there. The webcomic community is continuing to be strong on Discord, Twitter and Instagram. Through hashtags like #webcomics, #comics or #webtoons you can find a lot of artists to connect with. There are also many webcomic themed chats you can participate in on accounts such as @WebComicChat and @ComicArtistsChat as well as our very own webcomic chat the #quackchat. These weekly comic chats can help you connect with the community and get your work known so it’s worth jumping on social media and checking them out.

Webcomic platform forums
There are plenty of webcomic forums out there but the two I have found to be most useful and friendly, were those on and right here on our very own DrunkDuck. These forums are a fantastic way to get to know these communities as well as find new tips and tricks to push your art and storytelling skills even higher. Hop on over the DrunkDuck forums if you haven’t already and get chatting.

If you have local comic conventions in your area, either attending it as a fan or purchasing a table is a great way to get to know other artists and reach out to a new audience. If you plan to put together a table it is best to have some merch to give away and even some business cards. These can include things like pins, posters and prints. You can offer to draw things on the spot if you feel comfortable enough.

What other ways do you connect to the comic community? Let us know in the comment section below! And join us on Sunday evening for our Quackchat at 5:30PM(EST)!

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Ozoneocean at 4:08AM, Dec. 30, 2019

Maybe we need to archive all the forum stuff and start again here to refresh the place and get things more active? ??

hushicho at 2:04AM, Dec. 28, 2019

I'd also recommend checking out PaperDemon ( which is another creative community. The site is being revised and improved every day, and the people there are genuinely very warm and supportive. It's the only creative site I've remained active at for as many years as I've been online, and they do have a fantastic comic functionality that is also being improved regularly. I'm very grateful for it and for The Duck.

ShaRose49 at 11:07PM, Dec. 27, 2019

I find the comic fury forum to be very kind for the most part, but I make sure I don’t talk about politics XD that’s rarely a safe online topic with strangers anyway though.

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