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5 great comic book slots

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Feb. 21, 2019

Comics have always had a special hold on people’s imaginations, with stories immersing readers in fantasy worlds where literally anything is possible. And, unlike books, comics combine the power of words and pictures. The skills of the artist mean that those worlds and other phenomena are there for all too see. For far too long, comics and graphical novels were seen as an inferior art form to traditional literature – but today their reputation has never been greater.

It’s safe to say that the comic book world is booming. Back in 2013 the sales of comic books and graphic novels in the US hit $870 million – up from $265 million in 2000 – and there’s every sign that the figures are growing higher.

Not only this, they’re now being taken more seriously as an art form in their own right, with many movies and TV series taking them as their source material. The reach of comic books has even started to extend beyond the big and small screen into some even more unexpected areas.

One of these is into to world of online slots, where there are countless examples of games using comic book heroes from The Avengers to the Incredible Hulk. The logic is easy to see. There are great possibilities to use the graphic styling of the comic book to create games that really stand out and which will appeal to a particular kind of fan.

And with the competitive world of online slots always looking for new players to attract, it’s a no brainer for developers to move into this medium too. Slot games are more engaging than ever, with high-quality graphics, video and audio tempting more players to try their luck in search of a jackpot. They’re available in a variety of niches, including music, movies and more – and here we run through the most impressive slot games based on comic books.

Gonzo’s Quest

One thing all comic books have in common is a main character – or group of main characters – and Gonzo’s Quest follows this convention. In this case, our hero is the eponymous cartoon character who is on the search for the legendary golden city of Eldorado deep in the Amazonian jungle. The year is 1504 and there are many obstacles to be overcome before he will be able to reach his goal.

The graphical style is perfectly in keeping with the scenario and there’s great attention to detail in the many illustrations on the five reels that make up the slot. These are Aztec in style and the widespread use of the gold colour is a constant reminder of the purpose of the quest.

With no less than 20 paylines there’s big potential for winning – and the game features a number of elements that make this more likely. For example, the Avalanche featured in this particular jungle can only bring good news. When a set combination of symbols appears there are a number of cash avalanches which carry on until the wins are exhausted – bringing you gold a-plenty.

Fingers crossed they release more Gonzo’s Quest games, as we were really taken with the characters and storylines. There’s a good chance you’ll feel the same by checking out the Gonzo’s Quest online slot for yourself.

Spiderman: The Attack of the Green Goblin

This slot draws exclusively on the visual style of the Marvel Comics stories so strongly associated with the late, great Stan Lee. For example, the character symbols that appear on the reels are all in the classic Marvel style and the lettering, which is used extensively, also echoes the black ink styling of the comic books.

A really special feature of this game is the chance that it gives you to collect iconic comic book covers as you work your way through the game. There’s even a special bonus round in which you can select one of the five different covers shown to reveal a different potentially cash-winning feature.

Because the slot includes both Spiderman and the Green Goblin, you can look forward to the two doing battle on top of a towering city skyscraper with a cash prize being awarded each time Spidey lands a successful blow on his deadly enemy. Plus, watch out for the Spiderman wild when he blasts the reels with a web turning up to four symbols into wilds.

Judge Dredd

When Judge Dredd made his first appearance in the British comic 2000AD, he announced his arrival with the chilling words “I am the law”. Undoubtedly a strong influence on the Robocop movies, as well as being directly portrayed in the 1995 Judge Dredd starring Sylvester Stallone, the slot goes back to the original style of the comic version.

As a self-styled automatic justice system, Dredd can appear at any moment while you’re playing the slot awarding an on the spot prize. He also uses the insuperable power of his police badge to provide a scatter feature. When three appear on any of the reels then you’ll be the lucky recipient of no less than ten free spins with all the winnings you make in them being doubled.

The Judge himself takes time off from pursuing perps to become a “wild” symbol which is another way to trigger some very impressive winnings making a trip to Megacity One a very profitable experience indeed.

The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk has had a long and very varied career taking in comic book origins, a hit TV series in the 1980s and a starring role in The Avengers movies. So it’s only logical that he’s now turned up on a super action-packed slot too. It’s a 5 reel, 25 payline game and, you’ve guessed it, the Hulk’s gone a little too far again and is a fugitive from the police being chased by cars and helicopters.

Fans of the Hulk will remember that it was exposure to gamma rays that transformed mild mannered Bruce Banner into the shirt ripping Hulk so you’ll find radiation symbols on the reels. Get five of these and you’re in for an incredible prize.

There are also rewards to be won for destroying the pursuing cars and helicopters in both the Smash Bonus round and the Hulk Rage bonus. In the latter, destroying every single police vehicle generates some very impressive returns, as well as a pretty high level of personal satisfaction.

Wonder Woman

The feminist credentials of Wonder Woman may have sometimes been open to question since she was introduced as a female alternative to other DC Comics characters like Superman and Batman.

But the good news is that it’s the powerful and self-assured version that features in this game which also uses the illustration style of the original comics.

In the slots scenario, her symbol is wild which means that she’ll double any winnings that she is part of. She also has the power to trigger a great free spins round in which all wins are automatically doubled. An additional chance to win comes in the form of a Bonus Bet which opens up a side game in which she meets her arch nemesis Ares, again, with potentially big money results.

The great thing about this slot is that it will satisfy both the comic book purists and the new generation who have only been introduced to this superhero from the 2018 film starring Gal Gadot. It could even introduce some new fans to one of the best-loved super heroes of all.

With so many online slots being released every week, it really pays to know which ones are worth your time and money. Take a look at any of these games and we guarantee you’ll be blown away by the standard of slots today.

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