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FEATURED COMIC --> Percival Pigeons Perilous Plan

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Jan. 9, 2019

Percival the pigeon has a plan! It's a crazy plan and it's probably not going to work… in fact it certainly won't but he's going to try it anyway. In the far future humanity have left the earth a horrible wasteland haunted by giant mutated swamp-beasts and the brave inheritors of civilisation: the rats, pigeons, gulls and bugs… Percrival wants to reverse the destruction and take the world back to the paradise it once was. This is a short little comic with a fun environmental message, all in black and white line art, the story is action adventure. It's just been complerted so you can read it all in one go! AverageArtistAmber is also the creator of the ongoing Demon Demolition Duo, so be sure to check that out too!

Read Percival Pigeons Perilous Plan, by AverageArtistAmber, rated E.



AverageArtistAmber at 12:19PM, Jan. 14, 2019

Holy crud! Thanks :)

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