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What would you do in a year? (pt 2)

Emma_Clare at 12:00AM, June 28, 2019

Last week, I posted an article about what you would do in a year if all your financial obligations were looked after and you could dedicate your time to making comics. We also opened this question up to the #quackchat on Twitter. So here are some of the responses we had for “What would you do in a year?”

Due to recovery from past work accidents, I did end up with the time. But takes a lot of discipline and focus to get things done and not just play video games or binge watching some series. Have a whole year? Well first week I'll watch every MCU movie again! Been there, done that. Proper planning prevents poor performance. Sit down and make an action plan with clear set goals and a schedule.

Oh yeah, that would be great. I'd keep doing what I'm doing - making my comic, and developing the next comics, and other stories/animation ideas, but would be able to do it a lot more and get stuff done a lot faster.

That would be bliss. I'd finish Without Moonlight, and do all the extra stuff that I have planned, and start on the next segment of WM's story.

It would not be for comics but for making my portfolio on doing voice acting for cartoons. Then shop it to the likes viz, Cartoon Network and Disney studios. What I may do first is do some work for students at Full sail University in Orlando. This might become a reality sometime next year.

I'd start making comics again in the first place. There are tons of ideas piling up in my folders that just want to get out. However, similarly to usedbooks and others I'd probably end up doing just a fraction of what I'd have liked to do and normally could. Drawing has always been one of several ways for me to balance out my so-called “proper job” daylight activities, and while they currently keep me from doing art, taking them away altogether would just throw me off balance in a different way.


You’re given a year to concentrate of comics without the worry of any financial obligations. What would be your first comic goal that you’d focus on?

I'd get Used Books back to two pages a week and finish my next printed book.

Get as far ahead as possible on the weekly uploads so that I can start work on side comics

How would you keep yourself motivated and on task throughout that year?

Planning. A list of realistic goals and a checklist so things can be ticked off as they are finished.

Make sure I take the time to experience other people’s work, in film, animation, comics, etc, so I can be inspired, and also remember to take breaks, and interact with people. Going over the story with a trusted friend does wonders for my motivation

What part of comic creation would you want to improve the most throughout that year (ie, art, storytelling, marketing, networking, etc.)?

Art. I still have a lot to improve in my art to tell the kind of stories that I would like to tell. Some progress in backgrounds would be swell.

Marketing for sure.

What would you want to improve about yourself outside of the comic-creation process?

Probably learning how to step back from things better. I'm meant to be on a break right now but I keep opening up photoshop and getting a few more panels done.

A lot; backgrounds, anatomy and other art improvements that I still try to do.

Is there anything you think you could do now that would help you achieve your goal?
Allowing myself to work at a reasonable pace and not press deadlines on myself is helping a lot.

I remind myself that the webcomic is meant to be my stress relief and never a source. I won't work quickly, but it will be a better end product.

Focus less attention on my webcomic?

If you had a year to do comics, how would stay focused and organised? Let us know in the comic section below.

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Avart at 9:11AM, June 28, 2019

I had that opportunity in the past years, after I quit my old job and get some money so I can live without any worry for about 2 years (paying bills and take care of my family of course). That time I decide to return to the drawing world I was absent for around 15 years. I spent some months writting a script and characters, then making a few sketches and then started with a complete storyboard. My comic was a "one-shot" and I completed it in about 6 months for a total of 5 chapters and more than 100 pages. My drawing style is a bit simple but I went for some hard and unsettling angles to compensate it. That one-shot was done all analog, then tweaked up in my pc. It was a very, very hard time even though I had 24 hrs to work on it because I hadn't done it for many years. Now I'm really surprised that my work timeflow on my comic is way faster even though I have a full time job

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