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Drunk Duck Pageant 2 Voting Week Two! Vote on Beachwear and Evening Wear Categories

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, May 20, 2019

Please Vote Below on the Pageant Comic!

The Three Categories

Personal Style and Talent

Beachwear and Hobbies

Evening Wear and Final Question

You get three votes per category.

Use them how you please:

voter 1: I choose Princess January for 3 votes. (3 votes total)
Voter 2: I choose Princess January for 2 points & Bob Ross for 1 point. (3 votes total)
Voter 3: I choose Princess January for 1 point, Boring Snoring for
1 point, & Hopeless popeless for 1 point. (3 votes total)

Voting Ends May 31st. Scores tabulated on July 1st, 2019!

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