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Genejoke Created a Proposal to Reboot the Drunk Duck Anthology!

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Oct. 14, 2019

Back in June, ozoneocean brought our attention back to getting fixes and a redesign for the site.

Some of these changes included: better page organisation for creators, likes, threaded comments and comment notifications for a better social experience (we have SOME of that already but we need more), a nicer colour theme, a site that works better on mobile devices, Integrated Discord chat, translations of the site into other languages for Italians, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, etc.

The trouble is that we need money to make that happen because these are fairly big changes. How would we get there? We'd need about $7000 US dollars for all the programming work.

Receiving direct donations through money transfer (paypal, venmo, zell) are much appreciated as third party funding sites take a huge percentage of the total money raised.

In addition to raising funds, Genejoke has written up a proposal for an anthology project.

Genejoke writes:

I pitched this idea a while back as a hypothetical and I'm now going to try and make it happen. Ozoneocean wants to raise more funds to properly improve drunkduck and I'm hoping this will help.

The aim is to make a one off anthology comic by us drunkduck creators. All the content will be original and exclusive to the anthology which will either end up as a Kickstarter or patreon reward. The exact nature of which I'm not sure of and that will get hashed out nearer time of completion. It will be released as a digital download and hopefully a limited print run if there is enough interest and if it can be cost effective.

At this point I'm after volunteers to help make this a reality. I'm advising to use the Ka blam template to make it easier in case a print version happens.

What am I after? Short, complete and stand alone stories. Any genre and up to and including M rating. One other thing I would ask is that they are exclusive to the anthology and not freely available to read elsewhere, we are trying to raise funds for drunkduck here after all.

By stand alone I mean stories that can be read and understood without the reader needing to have read something else.

By short I mean anything from a single page strip to 20, maybe even 30 pages. I'm aiming for 100-200 pages in total. That way if it goes to print it will be a decent sized read and have a spine and will hopefully make a nice product that you would happily have on your shelf with your graphic novel collection.

By complete I mean that it comes to a reasonable conclusion and doesn't require further reading. Of course ideally you want the reader to want to read more of your work.

Why should you help? Well that's up to you, but if you'd like to support drunkduck this may well help do that. It could also be a good showcase of your work. While I don't expect it to reach a huge amount of people, there's a chance it might. On the flip side it might just be an enjoyable collaborative exercise.

How can you help? How would you like to?
If you can make a strip or story for it, fantastic!
If you'd like to write a story for someone else to illustrate, fantastic!
If you'd like to illustrate someone else's script, also fantastic!
Maybe you'd just like to help put this thing together, that would also be very helpful.
Or maybe you'd like to help in another way, I'm open to suggestions.

Is your work good enough? Probably, most of us here are hobbyists and amateurs, I'm not looking for professional quality stuff. Rhat said, surely you want it to be of a quality you are proud of.

Each story should have some kind of title page. This could be a cover page, a simple title page or whatever. I'm also thinking a page after that has some info about the creators and their other works.

I'm not setting a deadline at this point, just gathering names and getting things started. That said it would be nice to release it early next year, if possible.

To contribute to the brainstorm, discuss on the forums

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HyperFabMag at 10:15PM, Oct. 16, 2019

Love this idea and really want to be part of this. I'd love to submit a story

AmeliaP at 4:07PM, Oct. 15, 2019

What's the deadline to send you proposals for this anthology?

cdmalcolm1 at 6:27AM, Oct. 15, 2019

I’m going to try my hand to help with comic pages. Other notes: I really hate mobile versions of most site. If it’s not done right it should not be done at all. It will drive ppl away from the site. If it does happen, please have a “switch to Desktop” link or button. Like lokpolymorfa said, I don’t see anything wrong with DD desktop version on mobile devices.

Ironscarf at 6:43PM, Oct. 14, 2019

Apart from creating a strip I'm happy to help in any other way I can. I don't know what's involved in putting this together, but there's sure to be lots of whatever it is.

Jason Moon at 2:17PM, Oct. 14, 2019

Sounds fun :)

Banes at 11:10AM, Oct. 14, 2019

Love the idea and I’ll darn well make something for it!

lokpolymorfa at 3:50AM, Oct. 14, 2019

I always thought that the Duck needed something for mobile phones recently since that's where I mostly browse my stuff now. Maybe even an app as well. That'd be neat. Though if I'm honest, I think the site is already fine as is. But I'm not one to stop continuous improvement so I wish ya'll good luck on this. I just hope we don't have a repeat of what happened 10 years ago when everything just slowed down or stopped working. Then again, the site is still here so maybe that wasn't so bad.

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