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The Head, The Heart and the Gut

Banes at 12:00AM, Oct. 17, 2019

There are things that appeal to the head - intriguing “what ifs” in terms of world building, and insights into technology, culture, politics, and history that capture the imagination in an intellectual way.

Then there's the heart - stories without emotional connection are the ones that critics and audiences call “sterile” or “dry”. This is a big foundation of any approach to writing stories: Characters we care about and root for with problems we can relate to.

The gut is the primal part of things - the deep connection to what we are as humans. Not who we are, but WHAT we are. The reptilian or insect part of us, that is concerned with survival, sex, territory. I believe that having a ‘primal’ element to your stories is what really makes it work for people, hitting them on a deep…well, a GUT level.

In our stories, ideas are important. Emotional connection is important. But if you can, go for the gut as well.

Are there stories that have appealed only to one or two of these areas? Which ones work better in your opinion?

have a good one!




Andreas_Helixfinger at 6:57PM, Oct. 18, 2019

"Joker"! That movie has a looot of guts, as you describe it! So visceral, so intimate and so bare! It's like a gateway into the most basic bits of the human psyche! I love it8)

Banes at 8:04AM, Oct. 17, 2019


Gunwallace at 12:41AM, Oct. 17, 2019

So this episode of Futurama is all three?

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