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QUACKCAST 444 - 3point landing

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Sept. 17, 2019

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Endings… getting them right is SO very hard. We've chatted about this before but this time Tantz has a number of good methods to make them happen right!
What are some of YOUR fave endings?

This week Gunwallace has given us the theme to Wild Wolves: The desolation of the wolf howl is emphasised by the cold darkness of the strings as they moan in unison, bleeding bleakness and shadow into the world, and yet there are hints of light sparkling within…

Topics and shownotes

Tantz's newspost, Sticking the ending-

Featured comic:
The True Face -

Featured music:
Wild Wolves -, by Epic SaveRoom, rated E.

Special thanks to:
Gunwallace -
Tantz Aerine -
Ozoneocean -
Banes -
kawaiidaigakusei -
Pit Face -

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Ozoneocean at 11:47AM, Sept. 17, 2019

Glad you like it! <3

Epic SaveRoom at 9:58AM, Sept. 17, 2019

Awesome music!

Jason Moon at 7:44AM, Sept. 17, 2019

That shot of the squirrel is priceless XD

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