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FEATURED COMIC --> Out of the Blue

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Oct. 2, 2019

Two friends known to each other as Liv and Indigo create unusual and imaginative plays together that they act out in the forest, complete with amazing costumes. We catch them in the middle of one such performance, each dressed in fantastic fashion. we learn that the next performance will be based on Liv's dream… but not only that, it will be a complete recreation in an attempt to reach a revelation. Out of the Blue is an interesting and unusual comic with a slightly unconventional story and characters. It's set in a world a little unlike our own where the colour of bird speech bubbles has a specific meaning. I would class this as a fantasy story! The art is all drawn with pen on paper and painstakingly coloured with watercolour paints and scanned, which gives it a unique look and feel!

Read Out of the Blue, by Shelmnop, rated T.



shelmnop at 3:42AM, Oct. 5, 2019

aahhhh! gosh thanks so much wow!

hushicho at 4:36PM, Oct. 2, 2019

This is a really gorgeous story. I can't recommend it enough! Please do check it out. It's such an artistic beauty, and there's so much to think about in its conversations.

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