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Emma_Clare at 12:00AM, April 10, 2020

With all this extra time on my hands, I now have the time to build up a buffer of pages. Many comic creators will tell you that building a buffer is an important and oftentimes coveted position to be in. However, life, uh, finds a way, and more often than not you run out of content and creating on the fly becomes a new routine. But, for this article, I’m going to go into the advantages of having a buffer!

A buffer allows you to have a day off
We all know that taking a break is necessary for avoiding burnout and boy does a buffer of pages help with that. When you’re procrastinating over deadlines, or stressing over the fact you’ve done nothing towards that deadline one hour before said deadline, that doesn’t leave much room for kicking back and really enjoying that bag of light and tangy chips whilst watching Nailed It on Netflix. Having a buffer frees up your mind and relieves stress so you can finally laugh without guilt at the monstrosity of cake that is supposed to resemble Moby Dick’s white whale whilst shoveling another fistful of chips into your mouth.

A buffer lets you get chores done
Whilst we all know webcomics is a lifestyle and not just for Christmas, that’s not to say that other aspects of your life don’t still happen. Dishes still marinate in the sink, pets still cry for your affection and food at 4am in the morning and you become sure that the pile of laundry you’ve left evolving in the corner of your room is approaching its third cold war. However, there is an answer to all your laundry’s geopolitical woes! That’s right! It’s building a buffer! With a buffer you now have the time to wipe your laundry’s problems away with a biblical flood of hot water and soap suds and with it, the peace of mind knowing that your clothes are now soft, fresh and incapable of falling victim to World War Three… for now.

A buffer means you can do MORE WORK!
Now that you have a healthy buffer of pages, you’ve relaxed to the point that your couch is now the Amigara Fault and won the Nobel Peace Prize for doing your laundry, what is there left to do? Why start another comic of course! You wouldn’t be a true webcomic artist if you didn’t have three barely finished projects on the go at any one given time. If you only have one comic it’s time to get in there and slap another one together! Are you currently creating five? Well it’s time to get in there and slap another one together! There is no better way to celebrate having a buffer than to create more work for yourself.

So what are you waiting for?

How long do your buffers last? Let us know in the comment section below! And join us on Sunday evening for our Quackchat at 5:30PM(EST)!

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Banes at 2:09PM, April 11, 2020

Another upside to a buffer - you can look at what you have and do any editing to fix up that block of pages. Once you see them all you’ll know if you want to change anything. Or so I’d imagine!

Banes at 1:38PM, April 11, 2020

I recently got a buffer together - just about 4 pages - of course I quickly posted all of them within a few days. It had been too long since the last update, so I threw it all out there!

Gunwallace at 2:42AM, April 11, 2020

Did you buffer? No, officer. I promise I didn't even touch her. (Uses humour to hide the fact he's running out of buffer.)

hushicho at 1:41PM, April 10, 2020

So much of this is so true for me! I usually start on projects and see how I feel about them, and see if I really have the dedication or interest in them to continue them indefinitely. Usually, the threshold for that is about a year's worth of updates...which sounds like a lot, but really isn't! If I update weekly and take a week off between chapters, At the most I usually only need about 50 pages. If I can manage to stick with a story for that long, it's good to post. And if I manage to produce more in that time, then I can continue with it. If not, maybe I will in future! But if not even there, I at least was able to tell a fun story for a year or so. I think that's fair!

roma at 10:56AM, April 10, 2020

"You wouldn’t be a true webcomic artist if you didn’t have three barely finished projects on the go at any one given time." I'm really behind then. Lol, I only have one but currently I have a 5 page buffer. It's not easy to start and maintain a buffer. Right now I'm having to force myself to draw.

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