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Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, April 29, 2020

Miriam and Karim make a pretty hot team. Miriam is a cyborg built for battle with the latest in military tech, Karim is a powerfully built man and a clever scientist to boot. The year is 2073 and the world isn't a safe place (is it ever?), high tech and cyborgs are commonplace, and the situation in Italy is very unstable! You need to be hardy and savvy to survive. Thankfully this is one tough married couple, Miriam is a one woman strike team and Karim is a technological genius, but they still get into some pretty sticky situations. This is a full on action Scifi cyberpunk comic with detective elements and plenty of humour. The art is all digital, some in black and white but most in colour. The style is professional and cool. The action is all set in a futuristic Italy which gives it an usual feel. English isn't Marcorossi's first language so sometimes the syntax is a little off, but I find that it just enhances the modern, exotic feel.

Read GeMiTo 2073, by Marcorossi , rated T.



Ozoneocean at 11:31AM, April 29, 2020

No worries man! 😁

marcorossi at 5:24AM, April 29, 2020

Yay thanks for the featuring!

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