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Secret Santa Assignments Have Been Revealed, Drunk Duck Anthology Deadline has Been Extended

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Dec. 14, 2020


Hello! Please check your PQs if you signed-up to be part of the 2020 Secret Santa Art Trade. All art submissions are due by Thursday, December 24th at 11:59PM on the Secret Santa 2020 Gift Thread!

Gift Thread Link:


Damehelsing writes:

Hey everyone! There has been a huge lack of communication and I think it's obvious why for many reasons. 2020 has been an absolute rollercoaster and for many not the best kind… annnnd obviously the later we get into the year the busier it gets. Halloween, Thanksgiving and then the beautiful Christmas day and possible other special days depending on your religion/beliefs. You get it.

Now an important notice: The deadline has been extended to February of 2021.

And yes we have definitely passed the check-points and we haven't exactly checked in with you for reasons stated above. At this point I would say manage your time accordingly for the anthology, (that's now due on the 1st of February.) Not everyone is going to finish sketching, inking or coloring at the same time and we don't expect you to.
Just keep in mind of the time and what not. AND PLEASE, if you do need to contact us and we haven't reached you through email within 2 business days just send me a quack on here if necessary. I do update my comic every Thursday so YES I am bound to see your message on here.

Now extra stuff:
We will be extending cover submissions to February as well. Just remember to follow the theme accordingly. And of course, keep track of the dates!

ALSO, if you do need to back out it's all good, just let us know, or if you're gonna be late on your submission, just shoot us a message, we'll talk to you about it. So on and so forth. We'll figure it out. :)

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