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Ozoneocean at 2:30AM, July 26, 2020

Hi everyone! We’re interrupting your regular programming to talk about the upcoming Drunk Duck anthology!

Firstly: voting on the anthology theme is open to all Duck users. The admins have narrowed it down to five, and you can vote by following this link, and voting for the option you like best. Make sure to enter your username, or your vote won’t be valid. The link’s open until midnight, July 31st.

If you’re a Quackcast listener or lurk in the discord, then you already know that we’re in the stages of planning an anthology featuring comics from around the Duck. If you’re a forum regular you know also that this idea got floated around last year as a fundraiser - a special thanks to Genejoke for getting that original forum thread going, and drumming up so much hype for this project!

So you might be wondering “what’s this FOR? What’s going ON? When can I submit a COMIC, already???”

I’m Bluecuts34, aka Mal, and I’m one of the discord admins and organisers for the Duck Anthology, local capslock fan and anthology enthusiast. Our other editors are damehelsing (Aggie) and PIT-FACE. (Not sure about their stance on capslock, but I sure hope they like anthologies). In all seriousness, I can’t express how excited I am to be able to help make this project a reality for one of the coolest, most open minded comic sites online right now, and how proud I am to be able to give back to the amazing community here.

In the old days, the Duck used to do anthologies - so, like mullets and the Backstreet Boys, they’re coming back! Why? Not only is it high time to bring them back, it’s a great way for the community to come together and create a book as a team. It’s also a way for the community to raise some money for our home - the Duck. There’s been a lot of discussion about redesigns on the site but it always comes down to one roadblock: cash. Being beholden to no corporate master sometimes has its disadvantages… site maintenance costs money, and redesigns cost even more. This anthology is going to help with that problem - we’re aiming to raise enough money for a new, sexy site through the power of community.

So what’s this thing going to look like?

We’re aiming for a digital release of a pdf, jam packed with comics and illustrations by the Duck userbase. Oh, and you can buy it for money that goes right back to the site. Currently print isn’t on the cards because of the current covid flavoured chaos of the world right now - and that it’s a big ol’ risk for the first anthology in more than a decade. We’re gonna play it cool, at least until we can work out options like a print on demand service. But we do know there’ll be a digital version for you to hold in your (digital) hands.

If you’re a comic artist here on the Duck, you’ll be able to contribute a story, 1-16 pages in length based on the chosen theme. If it can be published on the Duck, it can be published in the anthology - that includes all of the adult stories that we’re proud to host and create. (We’ll have a T rated SFW version with all the naughty bits removed, if that’s not your cup of tea). Feel free to collab with a writer, or another artist too - seriously, the anthology is your oyster.

If you’re not able to contribute a comic, you’re welcome to submit a single page illustration and we’d be delighted to feature that too! Even if you are making a comic, you’re welcome to contribute an illustration too!

I’ll make it clear here though, this is a volunteer anthology. All proceeds go right back to the Duck, but we can furnish you with a copy of the anthology for your troubles. This is about community and all of us banding together for something that’ll benefit every single user here.

We’ll be running this in stages, so after pitches close, you’ll be able to send in your pitches and scripts to the anthology email. Don’t worry - we’re not here to gatekeep or critique, this is just for keeping track of the artists and having an idea on who’s doing what. An interest check, if you will.


Some important dates for you all program minded people:

* Midnight, July 31st: voting closes.
* August 1st: theme is announced, pitches open. We’ll run some voice chat info sessions over on the discord, hosted by one of the editors.
* August 31st: pitches close.

If you’ve got questions, unending praise, or concerns you can either contact any of the three editors on the duck or you can email this very special email address that’s for the anthology:

We’ll have more updates on the anthology once voting has closed - expect another post from me around the 1st of August with more information.

You can keep up to date with the anthology chat in real time on the discord here

And once again, voting is open! Go vote!

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