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Get ready for the Drunkduck Anthology 2020

Emma_Clare at 12:00AM, July 31, 2020

As you might be aware, the voting for the Drunkduck anthology theme is coming to a close. If you’re reading this, and have missed the vote, never fear, for that means the next exciting stage of the project is coming and that, my friends, is preparing for your potential entry into this celebration of the community.

An anthology is a great way to showcase the talent of a community, be it through poems, stories, or in our case, comics. It not only serves as a collection of stories but as a snapshot of the times we are all living in (no doubt the theme will reflect on that point but more to come on that in the next few weeks).

Whilst the finishing touches are being put on the voting tallies, take some time to consider entering this fantastic project. You can submit between 1-16 pages with ratings ranging from E-A. You also have the option to include a full page illustration. In the meantime, get your diaries out because you’ll want to keep these dates in mind:

Saturday 1 August: The theme will be announced and the doors for pitches will be open. If you want more information be sure to head over to the Discord server to join the voice chat hosted by the anthology’s editors.
Monday 31 August: The window for pitches will be closed so make sure to get them in before that time.

For more information you can check out Bluecuts34’s post here.

Will you be entering in the anthology? Let us know in the comment section below! And join us on Sunday evening for our Quackchat at 5:30PM(EST)!

Don’t forget you can now advertise on DrunkDuck for just $2 in whichever ad spot you like! The money goes straight into running the site. Want to know more? Click this link here! Or, if you want to help us keep the lights on you can sponsor us on Patreon. Every bit helps us!

Special thanks to our patrons!!

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MC Davis Comics at 9:20AM, Aug. 1, 2020

I might have to try this out!...

Banes at 7:17AM, Aug. 1, 2020

That spilled ink is a cool cover idea too...a little duck on the ink bottle...

plymayer at 12:29AM, Aug. 1, 2020

I'd like to be involved somehow. Sounds exciting.

yeonwoo at 10:24AM, July 31, 2020

Wonderful news

Jason Moon at 8:36AM, July 31, 2020


bravo1102 at 6:15AM, July 31, 2020

I wish I could be but too backed up with work between my comic and the awards. ☹

Banes at 6:13AM, July 31, 2020


IronHorseComics at 4:51AM, July 31, 2020

I am hyped up man, HYPED UP

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