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What if Nobody Ever Sees It

Banes at 12:00AM, June 25, 2020

Early in my writing efforts, I mostly did short stories. Scenes, really. I'd imagine a whole story around the scene I wrote and drew. I did a series of scenes about two private detectives hired to solve a 20-year old murder. I had no idea who did it, why it mattered, or how it would end. I just wanted to draw and write dramatic, cool scenes.

Weirdly enough, from my perspective now at least, I drew it on my chalkboard! I'd do panel one, fiddle with the dialogue, fix a mouth here and an arm there, and then erase the whole thing and do the next section.

It's so wild to think of that now, with the instant public sharing we do on the Internet, and the permanent nature of it.

I know some people do comics online and then delete them for whatever reason, while many are left up permanently, or permanently-as-far-as- we-know, even if the creator moves on and never visits the site again.

Not sure if I have a point here. I guess the compulsion to make stories is in a lot of us. These days it seems like wanting to be seen and recognized is an important part of it, just the act of making it is a powerful driver in itself, even if nobody else ever sees it.

Do you create much, as far as writing, drawing or comics, that nobody ever sees?




jerrie at 6:42AM, June 27, 2020

even if no one ever sees them, I enjoy making comics,I love telling stories in the comics medium. I have a ton of comics I've never posted. Making them is like therapy for me.

bravo1102 at 7:28AM, June 26, 2020

LOL Nobody read my comics my first few years on this site. ;)

Peipei at 8:56PM, June 25, 2020

I have quite a bit of artwork and an entire comic series that has never seen the light of day. Not due to being ashamed of it or anything, I just haven't had the time to consistently update it. I also have a sketchbook that I use to brainstorm with that only my husband has seen.

usedbooks at 3:37PM, June 25, 2020

I have a ton of first drafts that no one sees. And a couple graphic/disturbing backstories that don't fit my comfort zone rating. I feel bad that I even wrote them. They definitely will never enter another set of eyes or brain.

usedbooks at 3:35PM, June 25, 2020

I NEVER let anyone read my stories. A classmate really begged, so I let him read something I was writing and he asked me daily about the next chapter. That sort of helped my confidence. But I kept my audience to relatives and select friends. Even my webcomic Used Books was written solely for my housemates. It still strikes me as odd that strangers read anything I write. Kinda uncomfortable to think about. I decided to assume my only readers are my commenters, and if I consider them friends rather than strangers, it makes it easier.

Gunwallace at 1:08PM, June 25, 2020

Plenty of unseen scripts. Probably wisely so. A few gems in then I'd like to resurrect someday, though. When I have the time, or the creative well runs dry. I can think of one story I wrote years ago that no-one's seen because the artist hasn't drawn it yet ... ;-)

MSK314 at 7:31AM, June 25, 2020

I'm new here but I definitely have created a lot of things over my 30 years no one has ever seen. I just finally got brave enough to start posting a comic about a character that I've had in my head for over a decade. Would I like it to be seen and gain traction, sure, but I've only got 5 pages up so far and about 5 more in the can, it's a work in progress but I have at least 5 more story ideas for this guy that will see the light of day.

yeonwoo at 7:25AM, June 25, 2020

not to sure if this relates well, but I notice I do read comics on here ( I probably should comment but I am not used to writing them) but I notice some of them do stop updating, but I do find them updating on other sites, so I guess the unnoticed part of it causes them to go to another site that may notice the comic more and gain traction? I possible do the same. I do have a comic on here, but it doesn't seem to get any traction so I stopped updating on here (?) I think the type of story I write not popular on this site and it takes me a while to convert it back to page format. I do not have friends that draw or same interest so I try to find friends online through sharing art. However, I do stay around so that I can still read the comics on here that I enjoy. btw I do enjoy the people on here you guys are pleasant ^^

Avart at 7:20AM, June 25, 2020

Great article! I have a bunch of notebooks that I bought specially to do comics (regular notebooks for a 10 years old boy, nothing fancy) and some of them have survived through all this time 27 years later. Others haven't been so lucky.Other than a few friends, no one has read them. Now that I have a webcomic many people that I know haven't read it yet and I'm ok with that.

bravo1102 at 7:09AM, June 25, 2020

@kawaiidaigalusei: where I worked had white paper bags. Perfect drawing paper. Still have one on my portfolio.

kawaiidaigakusei at 5:41AM, June 25, 2020

I would have loved to see photographs of your early chalkboard panel sketches. I started drawing characters for my comic on the back of receipts when I was working at a register.

bravo1102 at 4:00AM, June 25, 2020

In my medium I have to do tons to test shots for sets, props, costumes and sometimes there's little story lines that play out. I came up with Atrocities to use some of the footage.

Ozoneocean at 1:44AM, June 25, 2020

" did a series of scenes about two private detectives hired to solve a 20-year old murder." And that became True detective...

Ozoneocean at 1:43AM, June 25, 2020

There could be a Quackcast in this idea...

pkism at 1:27AM, June 25, 2020

My favorite characters/storyline comes from an RP I've been doing with my friend for years. Even if I never get around to giving them a proper comic, they're still incredibly important to me.

mindcat at 12:25AM, June 25, 2020

It's fun to find comics I've read years ago, so I'm glad not everyone deletes everything. I keep my comics around, but only if it's completed or like, 50 pages or longer. Otherwise it's clutter. I've got entire stories and comics that no one may ever see. I make comics for me but displaying them to the public requires tweaking, maybe adding colors, thicker lines etc. It's hard to create something that somebody else will like, but I like all my stuff. Until it's published. It's never good enough to publish. But I write stuff for myself, first and foremost. It's like therapy. If no one ever reads it, at least I'll have something to entertain myself when I get older. Maybe the grandkids will think I'm cool?

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