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Expressing Theme part 2

Banes at 12:00AM, March 5, 2020

So, last week we talked about theme, and how it is generally expressed through the Protagonist in a given story, as they struggle through whatever type of conflict is appropriate to that tale. We had a few common examples of themes:

-Love conquers all

-The strongest or most determined will win

-The rich and powerful play by different rules and can do whatever horrible things they want

Now let's go a little more elaborate with these themes and how they might be explored in a story.

This will apply to longer stories - in a flash or short story or standard-sized single comic story, there's usually only time for one main conflict.

It's in longer comics, novels, movies and series where we have more time to explore different permutations of our theme.

A lot of this would be done through other characters.

So if the “love conquers all” theme is revealed by the two lead characters getting together, a longer work could show us a second couple, different types of people, who also overcome a problem via their love. And maybe another where their love is not sufficient to keep them together.

The “strongest will prevail”- themed story can be echoed in the Antagonists as well, with maybe a power struggle between the lead villain and main henchman. Or the cops who are not able to defeat the Antagonist. Or some other power struggle in the subplot with the Protagonist's family.

The “rich people get away with anything” themed story might show a side character being destroyed by the machinations of the powerful, or the cops on the take, or the Villains' private lives where their staff is tormented or used.

While different shades or points of view on a theme can be shown by the love interest and antagonist, it's longer stories with more characters that can really dig in to this stuff.

Okay, that's all for today!
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