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The silver lining of isolation

Emma_Clare at 12:00AM, March 27, 2020

For over two weeks we have been self isolating. My work is now done remotely and we have only left the house three times to get food. Although, there have been times that I have been feeling cabin fever creeping in, for the most part, I have been more busy, and in turn productive, than ever before.

It reminded me of a Youtuber who painted this period of self isolation as a period of potential growth and I found myself agreeing with him. Knowing there is something to while away the hours whilst winter passes can help you maintain your sanity. If you like to watch it, click here.

The idea of being isolated for a long stretch of time is ever increasing in possibility and yet, I have found it to be a golden opportunity. There have been projects and personal endeavors I have put off for the sake of “not having enough time” and, now, I have it. I have been writing more, my plants are healthier and I have been connecting with other people, albeit through phone calls and facechats, more than I have before.

I also have had time to be more creative. I’ve finished a number of illustrations and comic work that needed to be done and for the first time in a while I feel like I am catching up. Keeping productive during this time is crucial to maintaining your mental health.

What projects have you got lined up? Let us know in the comment section below! And join us on Sunday evening for our Quackchat at 5:30PM(EST)!

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bravo1102 at 3:22PM, March 28, 2020

Though still putting in my hours at work as essential this in essential industry, there is a touch more down time so I have been doing some writing. Always another script to finish.

Banes at 11:44AM, March 27, 2020

I’m not working from home but this situation has given me a push to do more writing and drawing, and not procrastinate so much. The projects I’ve been fiddling with bit by bit I’m now putting serious time into. Definitely a bright side to this situation. Great post - and so is your last one; I keep going back to it as a refresher on taking care of oneself.

usedbooks at 4:55AM, March 27, 2020

Tbh, my life hasn't changed too much since I am always unemployed this time of year. The only difference is my family is far away and can't come home. I was counting on my parent's help for some house projects. I now face those alone, which is a bit daunting.

Andreas_Helixfinger at 2:06AM, March 27, 2020

Well, for starters I'm planning to set up more webcomics on this site (One of em' I already set up last wednesday👍). I've also been thinking about doing illustrative poetry for the art sites I'm on (haven't had anything except a piece of Molly Lusc artwork to upload on Newgrounds so far). Another thing that has been on my mind for a long time is producing my own music. I'm just in the mood for doing everything now. No one knows how the future is gonna turn up by the looks of things, so my thinking is, I might as well create and put out all the things I wanna create and put out NOW, so that I at least can pad myself on the back and say "hey, at least you swung for it, baby"👍

Ozoneocean at 2:00AM, March 27, 2020

Should be a page of Pinky TA dropping soon. And drawing a new page of Bottomless Waitress. Latest year I had a period where I just stayed at home and madly finished my white 18th century outfit. I LOVE isolating at home and just waking on creative projects, that's my fave thing in the whole world. Not always possible now, though, even now.

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