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The importance of a workspace

Emma_Clare at 12:00AM, May 15, 2020

When I began working from home, it became clear very early on that my current work area needed a serious upgrade. My desk was surrounded by old letters, books and junk, I had piles of clothes on the floor, I kept knicking my partner’s chair because mine had begun to hurt my back and my mouse’s cord was now fraying.

Prior to this, I had put little thought into my work area because I spent so little time in it. At real work, my desk was neat, ordered and always clean at the end of the day, regularly being sprayed over and wiped. I prided myself on my desk’s presentation but it was also because it was more functional to have it cleaned. I could find what I needed. I had an adequate amount of space for my arms. But most of all, it got my into the right frame of mind to do serious work.

You would not have guessed that the person who sat at the desk at work was the same as the one who sat at home. However, as time went on, the mentality of work took over and soon my desk was cleaned. It was a nice feeling. But I realised I was still not well set up for what I wanted to do.

When working from home for long periods of time it’s important to have an appropriate set up. Keeping your desk uncluttered will help your productivity. I have a small desk organiser that orders my books and keeps them accessible. I went on to buy a new set of drawers to place my tablet and other accessories in to help keep my area clear and my tools safe. It also got my candles off my desk, saving me a ton of room.

I invested in a comfortable chair that will serve me for many years. I cannot stress this enough. Make sure you have a good chair! It has made the world of difference! My shoulders and back aren’t nearly as sore even after a full day of work.

As I have been putting together my new workspace, the one aspect I have enjoyed is seeing it all match. I am big fan of pink and guess what? This new set has a lot of it! I feel happier in my workspace now and enjoy sitting in it. Even if the day is stressful, I have a place I am comfortable in with a fruit loops candle on hand. And it makes all the difference!

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Gunwallace at 10:04PM, May 15, 2020

Before our Lockdown I had ordered a metal folding 'camping' table for my wife, who had to work from home. It was only delivered five and half weeks later, however, and so for those weeks she had to just work at the kitchen table. It was not ideal. She was sore and grumpy. Online working entail a lot more time staring at a screen than her "before times" schedule. Now she's all set up with a chair taken from work, and everything is much better. Still many more weeks of working from home for her, so I'm glad it's all sorted.

hushicho at 4:43PM, May 15, 2020

As long as it's comfortable and not unhealthy for you, I think that's a good start. I do agree though, it's best if you can have a work space that is comfortable and at least organized in a way that you can understand and benefit from. But anyone can make a space to work and make it work for them. The most important parts are a comfortable chair that you can sit in for long periods of time, and tools you are comfortable using in your craft. If you don't have those, you could injure yourself seriously and on the long term. Don't do that!

Avart at 12:02PM, May 15, 2020

I'm still dreaming on building my workspace... I'll start when I find a place for it.

usedbooks at 5:18AM, May 15, 2020

I have a lap desk and a recliner.

bravo1102 at 5:05AM, May 15, 2020

I have shown pictures of my work area in my comics. Imagine a butcher's block table with what amounts to a movie set in miniature upon it with props and furnishings and cast strewn about the room. And for writing and editing? I set up my laptop wherever and whenever. Often a metal desk at work. So long as there's room for the mouse I'm good.

dpat57 at 4:02AM, May 15, 2020

*laughs maniacally* I'm working on an old table in a corner of the kitchen, with stuff piled up around me, cluttered would be a kind word to use. My laptop sits on an old VCR machine so it's elevated nicely and the screen angle is good for me. Cheap office chair, but at least I've got a nice gel-pad fleecy cushion under my bum, which makes everything better.

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