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FEATURED COMIC --> Dagger of the Mind

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Oct. 7, 2020

James and his younger sister, Penny, live in a timeline where a deadly virus has taken its toll on the world. The two are living through an uncertain time where hand washing and hiding an electrical signature is still more important than flying cars. Penny connects to her virtual world, a server called “Belle Hosts” which aims for a mostly female target audience. James turns a blind eye because he believes everything will be fine as long as his sister is distracted from what is happening in the real world by the virtual world. This is a science fiction drama that portrays a very real dystopian feeling.

The art is riveting, the soft lines are drawn and colored using varying weights of pencils and colored pencils. The hand drawn look contrasted with the digital dialogue bubbles makes it easy to really take time and appreciate the original color work.

Journey to a digital world about humans escaping a deadly virus by entering a digital world and read Dagger of the Mind by dotm, rated M!




dotm at 9:42AM, Oct. 8, 2020

We're so honored! Thank you <3

Jason Moon at 7:43AM, Oct. 7, 2020

Such a great comic!

PaulEberhardt at 3:41AM, Oct. 7, 2020

Congrats to DOTM on this well-deserved feature!

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