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FEATURED COMIC --> Era of Iridore

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Sept. 2, 2020

Kaisa recounts the traumatic experience from her childhood that resulted in her meeting with the mysterious and elusive dragon nymphs, a secretive people about who not much is known for sure but there are plenty of rumours circulating! How much of them are true? Well, Kaisa is coming back to her childhood saviours as an advisor to an expedition that aims to find out exactly that! This is a fantasy story with steampunk elements. It's beautifully drawn with watercolours so it has a lovely, natural, textured look.

Read - Era of Iridore, by Deno85, rated M.



Ozoneocean at 1:31AM, Sept. 7, 2020

No worries :D

Deno85 at 11:14AM, Sept. 2, 2020

Thank you so much for this feature, I am truly honored! 💚 (This month there will be an extra update the 24th September!:)

Boy Phaff at 8:49AM, Sept. 2, 2020

Very nice indeed!

The doodler at 7:17AM, Sept. 2, 2020

That is a super pretty style.

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