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FEATURED COMIC --> Journey Through the Star Sea

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, April 14, 2021

Journey Through the Star Sea is quite an evocative name isn't it? This is the story of a dying man and his search for survival in an unforgiving galaxy. He doesn't know how to cure his sickness, all he has is an amulet that gives him temporary healing relief till its power runs out… he searches space for more pearls to power it but it's a close run thing! To top things off he's being hunted. This is an adventure, survival SciFi story, with a very mysterious story and a good bit of fighting action. The art is unique and interesting. It could use a polish in some places, but it looks cool in its own right. This is a black and white comic.

Read - Journey through the star seat, by scribbloid, rated T.



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