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Reanimating creativity with a one-shot

Emma_Clare at 12:00AM, Aug. 13, 2021

The beauty of writing a one-shot or short story is that it is self contained. It is a stand alone creative piece that gives you license to play with a new writing style, drawing aesthetic or explore a level of detail you may not be able to sustain over a longer project.

There are also genres which benefit from shorter stories. Horror, for instance, thrives in a format that is not overly long as it relies on the concept of fear of the unknown. In longer projects, oftentimes the fear of the unknown becomes mythologised and, as such, it can lose its edge. However, given the shorter length of one-shots, there is little room to over explain and therefore the mystery only serves to intensify.

Short stories can be a welcome change of pace, particularly when working on a longer project.
Developing a story that has an achievable scope can jumpstart your creativity when creator’s block looms down on you. You can refocus and explore different storytelling techniques in a new style or genre without being stymied by complicated world building or lore.

In fact, you could explore different aspects to your lore that would only serve to make your main plot convoluted. Don’t forget, you can always collect them together to form your own anthology in the future.

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Banes at 8:13AM, Aug. 13, 2021

One shots and shorts are great for so many reasons. The character can have an actual ending. The WORLD can end. And I do agree that it can lead to other ideas and a bigger, connected world, I think as a writer it can also take some of the pressure off from wanting to include every cool idea in every story/series. I recognized that image right away too - terrifying story from Junji Ito!

Genejoke at 3:35AM, Aug. 13, 2021

I've used short stories to reignite creativity many many times. It's part of why I created Lite bites. As you said it can be a chance to play around with different techniques, genres and generally experiment artistically.

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