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Laughter as Medicine

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Aug. 16, 2021

I walked down two flights of stairs lined with framed black and white photographs of great comedians who had visited the same comedy club years prior. The downstairs room opened up to a speakeasy-like venue with red bricked walls, a flat screen television on the left side and a stage in the far right corner.

The creamsicle flavored cocktail I had ordered just arrived from the bar when the lights dimmed and the opener took center stage. One by one, the strong line-up of comics delivered their sets in a way that would have made Richard Pryor smile from the sidelines. While I did not agree with all the testosterone-filled jokes that were made that evening, I was fully delighted that each joke demonstrated a return to a style of comedy from a different era.

The night taught me that any comedian can make someone laugh at their jokes as long as it is in front of the right audience.

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KAM at 3:42AM, Aug. 16, 2021

Use laughter as medicine only as prescribed. Do not use while operating heavy machinery. Do not overdose as you may die laughing. ;-)

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