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Top five romance tropes

Emma_Clare at 12:00AM, Feb. 5, 2021

It’s not surprising that drama and romance are two popular genres when it comes to media. From TV to novels to comics, they draw the audience in with the simple question: “Who is going to end up with who?” Ships set sail, twists get turns and hearts get broken; with every moment being eagerly lapped up by the audience. We all know the tropes and boy are we here for it. So today I’ll be going through my top five romance/drama tropes.

The side looks and blushing cheeks
Every time a character sneaks a side glance at their love interest, my heart starts beating. With just one look, so much is said. It gets even tenser when the interest at heart catches them doing it! The other averts their gaze with a start, a crimson flush about their cheeks. They were caught! What would the other character think if they knew how the shape of their neck captured their attention, lingering there as they mused at how soft it must feel under their fingertips? All that, in one glance? Yes please!

Hand touches over kisses
A simple hand brushing over another’s can reveal much of a person’s feelings before their lips have even touched. When coupled with the trope above, this can be a powerful move. What makes it so intense is that you want that tension broken, for lips to touch and sweet catharsis. But oh, the mind wonders what those fingers could do. All with a simple touch. Less is more after all.

I can’t believe I have to mention this, but having two adults consent to an intimate interaction makes it so much more wholesome. It doesn’t have to be as blunt as one character asking for a kiss (though that can work in certain circumstances). It can be as simple as reciprocating a touch, whispering, “Don’t stop,” or waiting for a moment of hesitation before proceeding. Consenting is hot as hell.

Laughter is a social experience, so when one character makes another laugh in a wholesome way my heart melts. Maybe they’re teasing or poking fun, but there’s a moment when they stop and stare at each other with fond admiration that I am here for. Character’s who have a rapport play with one another. It is always a delight to see.

Love to hate relationships
This is my all time favourite trope of romance. I’m not a fan of love at first sight. It is so unrealistic for me. Rather I like to watch two characters fight tooth and nail to get together. This trope shows the main ship learning about each other, understanding and overcoming their differences before finally realising they are both now madly in love. But the beauty of it, is that beyond that initial flush, there’s a real chance they will make it. By making the journey difficult, you leave them knowing that despite it all, they’ll have the strength to work it out.

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hushicho at 4:19PM, Feb. 5, 2021

I typically like to avoid pairing people up too strictly, because I find that most works don't do it well and make it a very toxic relationship that would be questionable at best if they were in this world. But on that note, I don't think fictional relationships need to be the healthiest in reality, because they're not in our reality. I know it's become a big thing for explicit consent to be addressed with a loudspeaker, but eh. The most important thing, I think, is stirring up the emotions of the reader or viewer. But as always, I also encourage creators against being too expressly manipulative. I like relationships that sort of create themselves and work out. That said, I do love Jane Austen's works (and there's an Incubus Tales chapter dedicated to loving satire of them!) but I find they're often presented far too humorlessly! They can be a great example of timeless quirky romance (even, dare I say it, proto-rom-com?) and a true inspiration.

bravo1102 at 8:32AM, Feb. 5, 2021

And all those tropes can and do really happen and the path of love never runs smoothly.

bravo1102 at 8:29AM, Feb. 5, 2021

I have the two A&E romance boxed DVD sets. Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters and the rest. They can be a lot of fun.

usedbooks at 6:24AM, Feb. 5, 2021

Examples of what I just mentioned are True Lies, The Mummy, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Tommy and Tuppence, Pirates of the Caribbean (maybe? I dunno, haven't seen it in many many years)

usedbooks at 6:20AM, Feb. 5, 2021

I don't get into the straight drama-romance, but I do enjoy the romance subplots of adventure stories. My most favorite romantic "trope" (although I guess not used much) is the enabler partner. Like, when one person is a spy or a superhero or something and they finally let their romantic interest in on the secret (or they find out) and rather than having a damsel-in-distress, having to be protected thing or a confrontational, "I don't want you to endanger yourself" situation, the partner is like, "Cool. I want in on this." And they go out and kick ass together.

Corruption at 2:40AM, Feb. 5, 2021

The first trope where they glance at each other and give visual signs, but hide it from others i snot just put in there for romance, but to show there is an interest. It is there for the same reason in soapies you have people turn from others and their faces change a bit, showing an emotion they are hidding from others, before the mask comes down again. This is because in TV and movies you need a way to showthe audiance what the character is really feeling. Me, when it comes to romance, I want characters that can be equals. Not in all aspects, but in ways that compliment each other. I want them to bring out the best in their partner, and to temper the worst ones. I hate it when they are "perfect" for each other immediately, or know they are "destined" at a glance!

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