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FEATURED COMIC --> Blake The Goblin Bilker

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, March 3, 2021

Blake is a goblin, he's also a bit of an entrepreneur! He's just started up a little engineering shop making low quality magical items and brought in his niece Picka to do most of the hard work. He's a little shady, but what do you expect? he's a goblin after-all! Things seem to be running along fine, the business is going ok and Picka is doing a great job, but then Blake has a worrying encounter with a figure from his criminal past… The lure of easy money is too much for him and things start to deviate from the plan pretty badly! This is a comedy urban fantasy story comic. The art is full colour digital work, drawn in the artist's own individual style. The design of the characters and their exaggerated features really helps to enhance the comedy!

Read - Blake The Goblin Bilker, by Stinger9, rated T.



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