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FEATURED COMIC --> Shu’Halo: The Balance Overture

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, March 10, 2021

In an alternate Universe called Azeroth, an unknown force began to exterminate every life form. Entire races and civilizations were wiped out quickly. The ones that fled did survive by adapting to live underground for one hundred years. However, dark entities certainly live among the living.

The comic is mostly drawn in black and white and colored digitally in grayscale with splash pages in full-color. The English version of the comic is written in English and Japanese, and there is a Spanish version written in Spanish and Japanese.

Go back to the original Azeroth and read Shu’Halo: The Balance Overture by Mogronn, rated M!




paneltastic at 4:13AM, March 10, 2021

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