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Naming a webcomic

Emma_Clare at 12:00AM, March 12, 2021

Finding the perfect title for your comic is important. It is what people will use when referring to your work and is often the first thing that readers see. The name of your comic acts as an immediate snapshot of what’s to come. Getting it right is key. Although comic titles can come in flashes of inspiration, there have been many times where I have struggled to come up with ideas. So here are some tips to keep in mind when you're searching for the perfect comic title.

What perspective are you writing your story in?
The perspective of your comic, i.e. first person or third person, can be a great springboard for coming up with a comic name. For instance, let’s take a story about war. If it’s written from a third person perspective maybe the title could focus on a battle, a country or a city. If it is written in first person, the name could be derived from the company/battalion/squadron or an individual soldier. Take into consideration the primary narrative voice and perspective and go from there.

Consider your genre and themes
Your chosen genre and theme form the backbone of your story and sets up a series of audience expectations that you can play into or subvert. Themes and genre work together to form the overall message. Use a thesaurus to research alternative keywords centred on your theme/genre. Not only do you learn new words but it also can be the very inspiration you need.

Less is more!
Think of all your favourite series and begin to pay attention to the length of their titles. Oftentimes they are no more than two or three words long! Try and encapsulate your story in as fewer words as you can.

Use a random name generator
In the event you are completely and utterly stuck for a name, take a gamble on the random name generators out there and see what they come up with. Sometimes throwing spaghetti to the wall to see what sticks can produce interesting results.

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usedbooks at 9:47AM, March 12, 2021

I do love coming up with titles for my episodes. Some have more punch than others, but they are great fun. I love multiple meaning titles the most.

usedbooks at 9:46AM, March 12, 2021

Full sentence titles can be intriguing for short works, but they are hard to remember in the long run. "I Am Not Okay With This" on Netflix definitely drew my interest. -- But I had to look it up to remember it. (Plus so vague.) And in an online format, it has even more problems as it tried to become a URL. Vague/generic titles are awful too. The titles of Pierce Brosnan James Bond movies, aside from Golden Eye, are so generic I can never remember which is which. Die Another Day was the WORST of the titles. It could have been Project Icarus or even Diamond Face if you actually wanted to recall what it was about. But nope. It's Die Another Day. It's like what you'd name a generic Bond-type movie for a background TV playing on a different series.

Xade at 8:57AM, March 12, 2021

Well, I have 3 comics that I consciously named. Insanity of Xade was named on a spur of a moment. I wanted a light-hearted theme, however, it turned into something more. I never did get to develop the story into that title thanks to the software I was using corrupting my save files. The deleted comic Lunacy of Xade, which was supposed to be a remake I actually had a few stories developed around the planet going insane. That was simply another word for Insanity. Aden's Reluctant Wizardry, one that I am saving for better skill, was named because the main character is a reluctant wizard who eventually likes his powers. Xade Tales, one that I am working on in the background and will probably be 3d, I named it simply because it is tales that I will tell about the planet Xade. My currently updating comic, Growlution, took me forever to name. It was originally a game concept but I couldn't get all the game mechanics right and didn't have a good enough story...

Xade at 8:56AM, March 12, 2021

... I had many temp names for it. "Eat 'em up" "Grow up the world" and "Bubble Evolution" Each time the character would change. Finally, I made Zeep and ported him into Unreal Engine. I played around with him, got a few game mechanics for it, then decided that I wanted to give him a few more forms to evolve into after he grows for a while. A growth evolution. After I wrote that to a friend the words smashed together in my mind and "Growlution" was born. Now it's a catchy little name for a cute little trophoid. you can read about him here.

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