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RIP George Ford author of Addanac City

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Nov. 12, 2021

George Ford, creator of the webcomic Addanac City, died on Sunday.
It's a sad loss. Although he wasn't as active here anymore, George was always coming out with new jokes and art on his Facebook. He was a lively, enormously funny, creative, highly supportive, friendly, generous man.
One of the silly things I remember about George was that he was always posting funny jokes about marriage troubles, mistresses, and doing things behind his wife's back, when in reality he loved his wife and family more than anything and was so extremely proud of them, showing them off every chance he got.

George was a long time Drunk Ducker, having joined us years ago so he could support other creators rather than post he work here. It's a real shame a lose him and I'm saddened by his sudden death.

His profile here on DD -
You can see some of his work on his Twitter account here -

Here arse some of his comic strips from Addanac City:


In other news our lovely joyful friendly Friday Newsposter Emma Clare won't be able to do her Friday Newsposts for a while because she's a bit ill at the moment. So while that's getting checked out I'll set up something else.
I was thinking about a weekly webcomic fashion feature where we showcase all the exciting fashions of a particular webcomic each Friday. What do you think?

Em will still be involved in the Quackchat at 5:30PM(EST) every Sunday on Twitter!


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Ironscarf at 10:25AM, Nov. 14, 2021

Very sad news, he seemed like a great guy.

Avart at 11:31PM, Nov. 12, 2021

Sorry to hear this, R.I.P. George.

plymayer at 12:23PM, Nov. 12, 2021

Rest in peace George.

Banes at 6:58AM, Nov. 12, 2021

Sorry to hear about George's passing - I didn't know the man, but those cartoons are funny! Best wishes and condolences to his family

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