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Friday Fashion Spotlight!

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Nov. 19, 2021

Welcome to the new Friday news feature:
The DD Fashion Spotlight!

This is where we'll highlight fashionable characters from comics on Drunk Duck. We'll talk about their outfits and it will be a great way to promote comics on DD without all the restrictions that a feature entails… Comics that are not updating, have fewer than 15 pages, are in the top ten, that have already have a spotlight or feature before, and even comics that are adult rated are all eligible. To start off I picked an easy one, characters from Charby The Vampirate by Amelius.

First off we have Zerlocke

He's a tall, stylishh, red eyed dandy with waves of lucious black shiny hair and bat wings. Traditionally he's sported a rather gothic, tight wasted, full skirted navy blue coat with rows of parallel metal buckles up the front. But lately he's updated his look with straight leg jeans paired with a dark red printed, tight fit, long sleeve shirt with a black decorated hem. It's untucked and loose. He's looking groovy, ready for a club or a night on the town.

Next up we have the demonic Xzack

He's a short, slim, neon 90s dude with blue skin, big ears, purple horns, a tail, and pink wings. He's sporting a neon green bob cut and orange mohawk combo hairstyle. Torn, tight, teal trousers are tucked into slim blue boots. Up top he's wearing layers! A chaos themed ripped black T-shirt under an unbuttoned short sleeve green shirt, all topped off with a sleeveless blue vest with a high demonic collar and pockets! The colour of the vest accents matches his boots and short gloves perfectly. The final touch are his two gold rings in each oversized ear and pink plastic sunglasses which match the pink lines framing his chin. He's ready to rock in this outfit, ready to get radical and exretreeme!

Our final fashionista for the day is the top-hatted Kavon!

He's a short, slim fellow with ghostly white skin, big shiny pink, pearly eyes with stylised teardrops and teeny pupils, short black hair with long side locks, and of course his big fat black top hat with its short brim decorated with a little metal skull. Normally he sports a simple look consisting of a slim black coat, black T-shirt and dark brown trousers, but here the lovely Mye has enchanted his look…

-So we have him being a cowboy with tight blue jeans, a brown leather belt with huge brass Howdy buckle, brown leather boots with spurs, skin tight red cowboy shirt and blue bandanna.
-Next up he's a 70s disco dude with a curly perm, a red disco suit with tiger stripes, black satin plunging V lapels, a silver medallion on his chest, and gold chunky round-toed platforms on his feet decorated with little circle patterns.
-Finally he's sporting late 90s goth club wear with leather trousers and a bare torso all finished off with an extravagant deep indigo coat with a mandarin collar, tightly fitted torso and arms, flared skirt, accented with violet ruffles at the cuffs and chest.
He looks set to tackle any situation looking stylish and confident!

I hope you like this DD fashion spotlight!!! Who should we do next?

Check out these guys and more in Amelius's Charby The Vampirate -


Emma Clare isn't doing the Friday newsposts but she's still doing the Quackchat at 5:30PM(EST) every Sunday on Twitter!

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Ozoneocean at 1:57AM, Nov. 20, 2021


Andreas_Helixfinger at 9:38PM, Nov. 19, 2021

I can certainly do with more of this. Let's have more of it I say^^

Ozoneocean at 5:12PM, Nov. 19, 2021

Thanks Hushicho! I look forward to doing more 😁

Ozoneocean at 5:11PM, Nov. 19, 2021

Thanks Amelius! I love your creativity with fashions and styles and hairstyles too and that it applies to men as well as women. Too often people only on women when it comes to fashion. With Kavons hat and hair I thought they were drawn dark grey to represent a sort of soft black 😅

hushicho at 4:46PM, Nov. 19, 2021

Lovely! Fabulous! It is funny how people don't expect chest hair, but it's much more natural and common than a smooth chest on an adult man. It's fun to play with expectations too. I'm glad to see such a fun segment, I'd love to see you look at other fashions you enjoy from other comics!

Amelius at 10:24AM, Nov. 19, 2021

Oh man, it's an honor to be a part of the first one! This is giving me motivation to step up my fashion game, it's something I'm trying to put more consideration into. I've got folders and folders of wardrobe refs I almost never look at haha! I tend to use clothes to visually signify that time has passed since the last time we saw a character, and one of them I'm using his wardrobe to show he's going through some things. My audience's reaction to Kavonn's chest hair always amused me, they expected another smooth-chest man like Zerlocke! XD Ah, your monitor must be darker than mine, Kav's hair and hat are actually grey! I like this idea a lot, looking forward to what next Fridays Fashion Spotlight will be! This is a very nice way to promote the comics here!

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