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FEATURED COMIC --> Miss Sisyphus

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Oct. 27, 2021

Astrid is a young woman living in Glasgow with her mum. She's a pretty solitary person, with no friends or connections. She takes solace and pleasure in the fantastical worlds of the comics she delves into and lives through, becoming the heroines in the stories; a space explorer, last living human in the universe, a pirate queen of the Rus… But the real world still exists around her, will something or someone manage to draw her out of her escapism?
The art is highly stylised, full colour and digital and very good looking, working well with the style of story, Astrid's personality and outlook. The story is slice of life reality and drama mixed with SciFi action, historical fiction and more as we weave seamlessly into the worlds of Astrid's comics and imaginings. Beware, there's so mild nudity and implied sex.

Read - Miss Sisyphus, by SinisterDuck, rated M.



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