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ZOINKS! 13 Ghosts??

damehelsing at 12:00AM, Oct. 31, 2021

So, ladies and gents, friends and furries, yes, 13 Ghosts is the movie that haunted me as a child and to a point, still haunts me. I’ll never look at bathtubs the same.

BUT BEFORE I GET INTO THE MOVIE REVIEW, if you are reading this, and I kind of hope you are, I am a streamer, I’m going to be running a 12 hour stream on Halloween (TODAY) from 2pm to 2am EST on TWITCH! I will be playing Dead by Daylight mostly and maybe some other horror games in between, if you’re in the mood to come by and watch, if this is your thing, I would greatly appreciate it.

Warning: this for sure is a horror movie, I will actually avoid using actual images from the movie to avoid ruining anyone’s sleep. Instead I’m going to use art that was made for the movie as I think that’s a little less scary. I’ll also be showing images of the cast, but not the ghost.


13 Ghosts starts out during a night scene in a junkyard, people are there with special equipment, uniforms, and soon arrives this suit guy with a total nerdy looking guy and guess what? IT’S SHAGGY. Nah, actually, for this movie review, I’m going to chill with the jokes because this is my last review (possibly) and I want you to enjoy it and have a clear mind on it?
So this is our cast:

We learn that early on that Dennis is a psychic of some sort, he can sense the presence of ghosts and he’s assisting Cyrus with capturing them. However, with this special ability that Dennis has, comes great pain, it seems like the angrier and stronger the ghost is, the more pain Dennis feels. To take the edge off a bit, Dennis wants to pop some pill but Cyrus kicks the pills out of his hands and tells him that he wants him clearheaded for the task ahead.

Cyrus grabs Dennis and brings him to another part of the junkyard not too far and demands Dennis to tell him where the ghost is hiding, Dennis seems hesitant at first, but when he touches the ground he gets visions. Visions of the ghost’s past and the victims of said ghost, this is clearly stated when Dennis says the following ”You said he only killed 9 people! There’s 40 victims here!” and Cyrus replies. ”9 when he was alive, he added a few since then.” – so we know that ghosts can for sure hurt people in this movie. Dennis then shows where the ghost is hiding and Cyrus requests the “cube.”

Dennis begins to get suspicious of Cyrus and his intentions so he “touches” Cyrus and gets visions of his plans, it seems. Cyrus immediately pulls away and warns Dennis to not get too curious. Shortly after two people are dragged onto the scene:

They seem to be against Cyrus’ plans, claiming that he’s enslaving the ghosts, I’m assuming these two people, Kalina and Damon also work in some sort of affiliation with ghosts as they carry around protection from ghosts. Damon claims that Cyrus will never be able to execute his plan, not without the right spells OR the 13th ghost. Dennis is a bit shocked at this revelation with the new ghost.
Kalina and Damon are dragged off and Cyrus proceeds to complete his quest for tonight.

Dennis argues about this 13th ghost, stating that he’s only been contracted for 12 and that after tonight, he’ll help Cyrus no more, Cyrus disregards his statements, saying there’s no time for it. Cyrus then demands for his workers to release the bait, to which, once again Dennis is a bit shocked as they never needed bait before.

A truck comes driving in, spraying what seems to be blood into the air around the junkyard, even Dennis says “A truck full of blood? You gotta be shittin’ me.” and runs off.

Cyrus proceeds to equip some glasses and demands the “cube” be powered up. The cube is a glass like case that’s big enough to be a small room, blood is coated on the outside and on the glass there are scribbles of some sort. The cube opens up and a voice chanting in Latin begins transmitting through speakers. The workers are amazed (probably frightened) and begin to eye around the chilly junkyard.

Cyrus calls to the ghost and soon after chaos is released upon them. Cars fall over and workers run and scream. One worker is even picked up and tossed, only to be killed, another work is broken in half as he’s dragged between two crushes cars. Dennis witnesses this and is horrified, immediately running for his life. We get a brief glimpse of the ghost through Dennis’ eyes as he’s wearing the same glasses that Cyrus is.
We begin to see the ghost more clearly through the eyes of the workers as he begins to toss them about like they’re nothing.

One worker ends up in the cube without realizing and soon after, the ghost enters it too, smashing the worker against the glass walls repeatedly. Eventually killing him.

Dennis lets Cyrus know about the ghost being captured but no response comes through, shortly after we can hear Kalina screaming for help, Damon is on the ground with his throat sliced open. After Dennis sees this scene he also sees Cyrus, dead.

A change of scenery occurs when we see a brother and sister playing in the yard with each other. A mother and father can be heard in the background talking about their life, their kids and how happy they are.
The characters:

After we see the kids playing and the parents being happy, the camera continues to pan around their house as they talk in the background. During this very wholesome scene we hear a fire alarm, a fire has started in the home, and even though we can’t witness the scene, we hear the family in the background, learning that the mother got stuck in the burning house, the background sounds then changes to that of a flat line, the doctor letting the husband know that his wife didn’t make it and soon, we hear a funeral in the background.
We see witness Arthur staring outside his window, with a clearly distressed and depressed atmosphere about him. His daughter, Kathy, soon comes in to let him know the time so he doesn’t miss work. Outside the small family and the babysitter who is:

Are making breakfast together, even though the family doesn’t look sad, you can tell they’re just not the same anymore.

From the outside of their now, small apartment, we see a man making his way to them holding a brief case. He knocks on the door and is soon let in by the father, Arthur. They introduce themselves and the man with the brief case, Ben Moss, explains that he represents the estate of his Uncle Cyrus Kriticos.
To which the kids are surprised as they never knew they had an uncle Cyrus. Arthur explains that he only met his uncle a few times as a kid.

Ben proceeds to show a video of Cyrus, where he explains that he has passed and that Arthur and his family are his sole beneficiaries. Giving them a house. The video ends with Cyrus saying “Perhaps we’ll meet again. In another life.”

The family decide to visit the house later on in the day. Arthur thinks things will start to get better now.

Kalina, the lady from the start of the movie is seen as she looks around a very cluttered office with papers clipped to the wall, containing strange symbols and we even get a shot of a book that’s on the desk before her, Kalina then opens a drawer, she’s grabbing equipment and seems like she’s getting ready for something, she even grabs the books and puts it away with her.

It’s then cut back to the family arriving at the house, which seems to be very much like a glass house. Glass that had the same scribbles as the “cube,” the lawyer, Ben Moss, leaves his car to see a truck parked ahead, stating “That’s strange.” - clearly this truck was not meant to be there.
On the outside we see a man in an orange jumpsuit and a safety helmet inspecting the outside of the house. The lawyer walks up to the man and we see that it is actually Dennis, probably, most likely, using the outfit as a cover-up, stating he’s a “power-guy.”

Ben questions what Dennis is doing there and Dennis, continuing with his cover, states that the house is knocking out power to about 5,570 houses and he needs to get this fixed asap, Arthur happily lets Dennis take a look, Dennis then learns that Arthur’s last name is Kriticos.

As the house is unlocked we get different shots of the inside, everything starts working up and soon enough the doors open to the family. And yes, they’re all a bit weirded out by the fact that the house is see-through practically but they’re ecstatic for their new home.

Arthur understands the scribbles on the glass are in Latin. While the family is giving a look around the home, Dennis is off to inspect and find the basement. As Dennis makes his way down he starts to get visions, getting a good idea of what the house is really about.

Meanwhile, Arthur and the lawyer are discussing the papers that need to be signed, but Arthur interrupts, explaining that even though the house is amazing he can’t really afford to keep the house, in terms of taxes and what not, but the lawyer says that Arthur doesn’t need to worry, his uncle Cyrus was a genius and that they’ll never have to worry about money again, so they can keep the house.

While this discussion is happening we witness Dennis having similar pains to the beginning of the movie and flashes of ghosts appear before us. Dennis kneels to the ground and he turns around to see a ghost hit the glass with his baseball bat. Dennis runs to leave the basement and we get more clear visions of the ghosts he’s seeing.

Right before Arthur signs, Dennis comes into the room to stop it, revealing that he’s not the power guy but instead he’s actually Dennis Rafkin, a man that would hunt displaced spiritual energies with Cyrus.

Arthur seems confused and doesn’t really understand what Dennis is talking about, the lawyer tries to pass Dennis off as a crazy kind of guy.
Meanwhile, the children and the babysitter (or nanny) are off to explore and claim their rooms.

Dennis tries his best to warn Arthur of the house and meanwhile he’s getting pain and visions, Arthur goes to help but unfortunately when he does so, he causes Dennis to have more pained visions, revealing about Arthur’s wife and their burning house.
During this commotion the lawyer sneaks away to the basement, while also wearing glasses, he greets the ghosts, disrespectfully and enters a part of the house with an intricate mechanism. He turns his gaze over to a suitcase that hides cash for him, however when he takes it, the weight holding down pedals of some sort has been lifted and the mechanism is now active, unbeknownst to the lawyer.

On the outside we see the house sealing up, the outside is completely getting blocked out, doors are moving, rooms are opening.

A bloodied room in the basement opens up, the room that contained The Angry Princess.

She is released and makes her way to the lawyer while wielding a knife, he sees her and begins to back up, apologizing for the crude remarks he made, however he backs a little too far and gets sliced in half by a door. The Angry Princess watches his body fall.
Her attention is soon drawn elsewhere when she hears Arthur calling for his children.

Kathy is inside her bathroom, looking at herself in the mirror, on a shelf near her are the special glasses, through these glasses we see splatters of blood covering the walls. In the mirror, we see The Angry Princess pass behind Kathy, Kathy, however, is completely unaware about this since she’s not wearing the glasses.
The Angry Princess stands next to Kathy, looking into the mirror as well, touching her hair, observing her own reflection.

The mechanism where the lawyer was begins to act up again and soon another room opens.

Back in Kathy’s bathroom, she heads to the bathtub where she opens the curtain and blood is everywhere, the Angry Princess lies in the tub filled with blood, all, still hidden from Kathy.
On the floor to the bathroom the words “I’m sorry” is written in blood as well.
Possibly showing remorse from the Angry Princess, as if she’s being forced to do this.

Kathy opens up the faucet to the tub and water begins to pour out, the Angry Princess’ focus shifts between Kathy and her hands, as she gets ready to murder Kathy, Kathy’s attention is quickly pulled away from the tub as her father bangs on the door to call her.
He says he needs to find her brother and Kathy says he was with Maggie and Maggie soon appears behind them revealing that she lost Bobby, Arthur, understandably upset, says the reason he pays Maggie is to watch Bobby and storms off.

Bobby is seen on his scooter playing around when he then hears a woman call to him, inviting him to come play with her but another voice tells Bobby to stay upstairs, Bobby, however, keeps making his way down the steps.

Meanwhile, the family is calling for Bobby, Arthur demands Kathy and Maggie leave the house while he gets Bobby, however, when they go back to where the door used to be, they see the door is no longer there and they are trapped inside the house.
Dennis says there’s no point, the house is all sealed up.
Arthur and Dennis have a little argument and ends up in Dennis agreeing to help Arthur find his son.
Funnily, right after this, Maggie asks ”Did the lawyer split?” that’s pretty funny.
I love puns.

Bobby proceeds down the basement, ignoring all calls for him to go back upstairs and rooms and doors keep opening as the mechanism in the house keeps working.

Arthur is still calling out to Bobby when Dennis explains that calling out is of no use, the glass in the house is sound proof and shatter proof, that’s when Maggie asks about the scribbles on them, and Dennis explains that ghosts can’t cross them. Kathy can’t believe what she’s hearing and walks off with her father.

Meanwhile, Bobby finally gets spooked by a ghost, The Bound Woman, and runs for his life.

It then cuts back to Dennis explaining that the basement is filled with ghosts, Maggie turns to Dennis and asks ”In this basement? and he replies with ”Of course in this basement! If it were next door, I wouldn’t give a shit!
Dennis goes on to say that he can prove it and pulls out a pair of glasses to where Maggie says that she gave a pair to Bobby.

which, in case I didn’t state it, Bobby is wearing the glasses which is how he got spooked of course.

After that is stated, it then cuts back to Bobby, where he’s fallen off of his scooter and sees The Torso on the floor, he runs away and soon hits a glass pane where he falls to the floor and gets knocked out, dropping his glasses.

Dennis gives the glasses to Maggie, to which she says there’s more writing on the ground, when Dennis looks at it for himself, he realizes this is more protection spells, Arthur is annoyed by this and requests him to stop with the haunted house stuff until at least he finds his son and they all get out.
When Arthur then proceeds to head to the basement Dennis strongly advises against it, Arthur tries to reason, saying that Dennis said they’re all locked up but Dennis refuses to go downstairs, that is until Arthur says that he’ll pay whatever Cyrus owed Dennis if he’ll just help him find his son. Dennis, thinks about it but finally agrees.

They all proceed down the basement together.

Bobby is seen laying on the ground, he comes to and looks about, hearing the voice tell him to get out of the basement and go upstairs, Bobby then puts on the glasses and sees his mother approaching, clearly hearing her words to warn him to leave and go find his father.
Bobby backs up and hits the glass behind him, he slowly turns around to see Cyrus, he screams and then the scene cuts.

The family is still looking for Bobby.
Dennis walking in front of them while wearing the glasses. Arthur thinks they should split up because it’ll take forever if they don’t, Dennis disagrees at first but they agree to meet back at the same spot in 5 minutes.
While Dennis and Maggie take one section, he learns that the ghosts have been let out, but he turns around to see The Hammer, this is when Maggie puts on the glasses and sees the ghost before her.
This is where Dennis reveals that not all ghosts want to harm, but some do, specifically ghosts that have died a violent death and are stuck in the realm of torture.
They decide to leave but after getting jumpscared by the ghost, Dennis decides to leave while wielding his middle finger towards the ghost, getting a vision of his own possible demise.

Arthur and his daughter Kathy are now searching, Kathy finds Bobby’s glasses and Arthur finds Bobby’s little recorder, he rewinds it to find Bobby’s screams. Kathy tries to reassure her father that Bobby is okay and that they will find him.

It cuts back to Dennis and Maggie, they pass by an open ghost room and Dennis realizes that that room belonged to The Jackal, “The Charlie Manson of all Ghosts.” - saying that if he’s out, “Screw the kid.”

Back to Arthur and Kathy, Kathy is starting to wonder if ghosts are real but Arthur assures her they’re not, but that’s when Kathy equips the glasses to only spot the Jackal right before her, she’s attacked and pushed to the ground, being dragged across the hall.
Arthur turns around and is horrified at what he’s seeing. He rushes to his daughter’s aid and tries to get her away from the ghost but it’s not working until Kalina appears, wielding a flare that scares away the ghost. They drag Kathy to safety as The Jackal continues to pursue them, but luckily, a door shifts and blocks the Jackal from reaching them.

Arthur then asks who Kalina is and what’s going on.
Kalina introduces herself and explains that she’s in the Spirit Reclamation Business, saying that she frees trapped souls. Kalina tells Kathy to give Arthur her glasses so he can see what she sees, he puts it on and he’s in disbelief at what he’s seeing.

This is where Kalina explains that Cyrus has been enslaving souls and that’s why she’s there, she plans to set them all free. Arthur asks how Kalina got in and she says when the house shifted there was an opening, but now it’s been closed since the house shifted once more.

Kalina then pulls out the Arcanum,

a book that was written in the 15th century by an Astrologer named Basileus while under demonic possession, in the book he describes a machine that could see into the future, explaining that Cyrus built the machine and the machine is the house. A machine that is designed by the Devil and powered by the Dead. Arthur says he doesn’t care about this and wants to get his family out. Kalina then says that if he wants her help, he has to help her first by setting the souls in the house free.
When Arthur turns to his daughter, she is gone.

Maggie and Dennis are running through the halls when they get split up by a wall that’s closing in, before the wall officially closes he tosses Maggie the glasses. Dennis is trapped inside a room, Maggie apologizes.
Turns out Dennis is trapped inside the room with The Torn Prince.
Maggie equips the glasses in order to help Dennis dodge the Torn Prince’s attacks.
Dennis is able to with the help of Maggie and luckily the house shifts once more, creating a temporary opening which Dennis is able to get through in time. Maggie returns the glasses to Dennis.

While Maggie and Dennis are reunited, Arthur and Kalina are working together to reach the library.
Dennis then sees The Dire Mother with The Great Child, a Mother and Son ghost duo.
Advising them to slowly back up, when they turn a corner they find Kalina reaching through a floor’s glass pane and Arthur on the ground below. But unfortunately the Hammer’s door opens and Arthur begins to race up up through the floor.

The four are now grouped and rushing to the library.

Arthur is soon jumped by The Jackal, but luckily Dennis acts quickly and uses a flare to ward off the Jackal, but as they’re running together The Pilgrimess, chases behind, but is cut off by a glass door.

The four are retreated into a safe room for now, Dennis and Kalina buttheads quickly, as their first interaction wasn’t so great. Kalina blames Dennis for all of this but Dennis blames Cyrus.
Arthur tells them to both shut up.
But Kalina does not, she quickly realizes that Dennis didn’t warn Arthur of the Fourth Ghost, Dennis is taken aback and doesn’t want Kalina to talk about it, but Kalina says that Arthur has the right to know, revealing that the fourth ghost is actually Arthur’s wife.
Arthur is angry and punches Dennis, soon agreeing with Kalina that it is Dennis’ fault.
Kalina tries to explain that they can save everyone if Arthur listens to her, she goes back to explaining how the house is a machine, trapping 12 earthbound spirits inside, then shows him the Black Zodiac, representing and explaining the ghosts that Cyrus needed to catch.

The Firstborn Son.

The Torso.

The Bound Woman.

The Withered Lover. (Arthur’s wife, Jean)

The Torn Prince.

The Angry Princess.

The Pilgrimess.

The Great Child the eye can see everything, the past, the future, Heaven, Hell, everything. Saying that who would wield the Eye would be the most powerful person on Earth.
Arthur asks how many ghosts have been released and Kalina says that there are a total of 12 ghosts but only 11 have been released so far.
This is where Dennis brings up what Kalina’s old partner mentioned, something about 13 ghosts, Kalina disregards it and says the 13th ghost is a fail-safe.
The 13th ghost is The Broken Heart.

The 13th ghost needs to be a willing human sacrifice, a sacrifice done out of pure love, Arthur is meant to be the 13th ghost, he’s the only one to stop the machine and save his children. Saying that Arthur would need to stand before the eye and use the power of life to short-circuit the system.
When Arthur asks how this can be done, Kalina says he will have to leap into the eye.
Maggie protests, saying that Arthur will be committing suicide but Kalina drags on, saying love is the most powerful thing, in order to save his children he’ll have to trade his life for theirs.

Dennis also disagrees with this and says there has to be another way, Kalina suggests just fighting through, wielding flares, bombs, all of it.
But Arthur says he’s willing to do it to save his kids, even though he doesn’t know if they’re alive or not, Dennis says “Let's go out there and find out.” - that’s when Arthur gets the idea to use the glass door with the Latin etched into it as a shield.

Maggie and Kalina proceed on their own while Dennis and Arthur pair up.

Maggie and Kalina eventually find the lawyer, and yes Maggie, he did indeed… split. I know I said I wasn’t going to make any jokes, but to be fair… that is Maggie’s joke.
Maggie and Kalina eventually make it to what seems to be the heart of the machine. A giant mechanism that keeps spinning and twirling, shifting the house.

Arthur and Dennis encounter the Torn Prince, but luckily their shield is working and the Torn Prince cannot get to them.

Maggie is jumpscared by Cyrus, she calls out to Kalina as the flare doesn’t work against him, Kalina turns with a devious smile on her face. Kalina then knocks out Maggie with the book in her hand, turns out Cyrus never died and he’s definitely not a ghost, Kalina and Cyrus make out, but then Cyrus rips out the book from Kalina’s hands and pushes her away, causing her to fall on a chair behind her.
Cyrus opens and goes through the book, reacting angrily as he can’t seem to find something. He yells at Kalina for answers, showing her a section of the book where a circular disk seems to be missing, asking where the spells are. Kalina then shows Cyrus that she has it and hands it to him. Cyrus smiles.

Dennis and Arthur have reached the end of a hallway but Dennis starts to have pain again, he turns to the side to see The Hammer down the hall next to them. He grabs the shield and pins Arthur into a corner, protecting him, saying there’s only room for one of them. Dennis tells Arthur to not worry about it as he’s been looking for a reason to like himself for a long time. He dodges the attacks of The Hammer but soon… The Juggernaut is released. The Juggernaut quickly walks to Dennis, distracting him while The Hammer delivers a blow to Dennis’ hand.

This is the demise that Dennis had a vision of, he is tossed around by the Juggernaut and eventually has his back broken.

Kalina and Cyrus discuss about Arthur, Kalina explains that Arthur won’t sacrifice himself unless he believes his kids are in jeopardy and Cyrus tells Kalina to then put them in jeopardy, she’s obviously not a fan of this as she says “They’re just kids.” but Cyrus says that “Greatness requires sacrifice.”
Revealing that the process of the 13th ghost isn’t a fail-safe but actually the last step to completing the Eye of Hell.
Cyrus dismisses Kalina as she has a job to do and he goes on to playing a recording in Latin, summoning the ghosts to the center of the house.

While the ghosts have left Arthur, the ghost of his wife, Jean, approaches. He sobs and says he loved her so much and misses her, but Jean is summoned away.

It cuts back to Cyrus and Kalina, as they’re leaving he tells Kalina to fetch the book, she goes back to do so and he actually uses this to leave her locked in a hallway behind him where the wall begins to close in on her, crushing her.

The house shifts and Arthur sees his children rise in the center of the floor, where the tiles of said floor act as a machine and rotates around them in different directions, proving to be most deadly if he were to cross through. Arthur equips the glasses to see the ghosts around the machine, as they were summoned by the Latin chants.
Arthur turns to see his uncle Cyrus, he turns back to the machine, thinking of Kalina’s words, remembering the ghosts and even counting them down as he sees them before him, seeing that there are 12 ghosts, but believing that Cyrus is dead, doesn’t understand how the house would hold a total of 12 ghosts AND his uncle while he, himself, is meant to be the 13th, so he takes off the glasses and turns to his uncle, to see his uncle is not a ghost. Rage overcomes Arthur and he begins to charge against Cyrus, punching him repeatedly but also getting smacked by.

Cyrus tells Arthur that he doesn’t have a choice, having his villain monologue moment but only to be ruined by Maggie, who has now awoken. Maggie begins to mess with the recording of the Latin chants, trying to mess the machine up the best that she can.
Without the Latin chants keeping the ghosts at bay, the ghosts then turn to Cyrus, knowing that he was the one who captured and enslaved them. They pick him up together and throw him into the machine, cutting him into bits.

Meanwhile Maggie has has decided to play with the levers of the machine and officially messed it up as it starts to spin in all of the wrong directions.

Arthur is then greeted by Dennis’ ghost, saying “Trust me, Arthur. It’s not over yet. You can finish this. You still have the power in you. It’s just a matter of how you use it. Go to your kids, they need you.”

Arthur agrees and proceeds to the center, noticing that the machine has a pattern, he calculates the pattern and makes his leap, successfully reaching his kids. Meanwhile the machine where Maggie is has completely broken, pieces are flying off and everything, even shattering the glass in the house.

The house has been completely destroyed by the machine and the ghosts walk out. Disappearing into the night.

The machine has completely stopped and Arthur and his kids are safe.

Dennis smiles and moves on.

Jean’s ghost, however, lingers, smiling at her family, saying “I love you guys. I love you.” and then disappearing.

The family embrace.

Meanwhile, Maggie, being the comedic relief is seen walking through the halls, saying she’s done with everything and everyone and is moving back to New York asap.

End movie.

So… this was a very long movie recap. I’m actually at page nine right now, normally my recaps reach around 4-5 pages.


I think 13 Ghosts is great, I am aware there is a 13 Ghosts from 1960, I haven’t seen it yet, I am tempted just to look at the differences. Do I have anything bad to say about this movie? To be honest, no. This is just one of those movies where it feels like every detail was thought out and it’s incredible. I can’t even begin to think of how they managed it.
There is actually SO MUCH lore to it too. Each character/ghost has a great significance and their backstories are well written.
Actually, if you’re interested in reading up on it: click here ← through there you can read up on each individual ghost and learn more on the Black Zodiac.
Honestly, my most favorite part of the movie was probably the Black Zodiac, I LOVE the fact that they had art done in the book, and all of the writings on the glass? Just… chef's kiss

Actually, I thought the Black Zodiac was so damn amazing that I thought it was a real thing created by some cult years ago and I wanted to make art of my own characters following the Black Zodiac because I thought it was interesting. Buuuut apparently it is actually something that belongs to 13 Ghosts and not “real” so … I can’t (of course maybe I am wrong, if I am, please tell me)
There is actually a different Black Zodiac that’s more closely related to the real astrological signs which is also super interesting,

This movie terrified me growing up because I’ve always been deathly afraid of ghosts until recently. Now I believe that if there are ghosts, they can’t really hurt us because logically, if they could… well… there wouldn’t be as many people as there are now, I think. Of course, I still get spooked and some times I have to leave a light on. The most terrifying ghost to me was for sure The Jackal.

Also, unfortunately I couldn’t find any cool gifs of the house moving and the mechanism, funnily enough, the most safe gifs to post were ones that involved Matthew Lillard, so… that’s what I had to do. Just something to help keep it visually entertaining. Anyway, I know this was a lengthy recap and I hope you enjoyed this.

If you’ve seen this movie, what are your thoughts on it? Have you seen the original? What are the differences you’ve noticed?
What are your favorite things to do on Halloween??

Also, a reminder that we have a horror anthology that will help support the Duck’s make over.

And I have a 12 hour stream happening today! Hope to see some familiar faces there!

Happy Halloween to all and be safe during the spooky season <3



Banes at 1:02PM, Oct. 31, 2021

LoL - wow, I didn't even read bravo's comment initially, before saying the same thing. We've got a lot of support for that old dvd here!!

Jason Moon at 9:09AM, Oct. 31, 2021

I agree with Bravo in I really enjoyed the special features on the DVD that show Cyrus' collection room of all the ghosts and you can go to each personal object of the ghost and Cyrus narrates their backstory. Better to buy the DVD than stream it online. That glass house was really incredible as well, someone call HGTV.

Banes at 7:53AM, Oct. 31, 2021

I've seen it. Liked parts of it a lot, and it's a good cast with some great looking ghosts and effects. I remember digging into the dvd special features that talked about all the individual ghost characters. That was cool! Happy Halloween!

bravo1102 at 6:20AM, Oct. 31, 2021

Good movie with great cast and effects, but the ghosts were all horrible Clive Barker tortured souls and nothing genuinely scary. Actually the back stories of each ghost were more interesting than the movie and I really enjoyed the extra features going into all that on the DVD more than the movie.

cdmalcolm1 at 1:47AM, Oct. 31, 2021

The ghost that got to me from this movie was the juggernaut then the Great Child and Dire Mother. Gives me the chills. I never saw the original but I’m willing to give it a go just to compare. (Always makes me laugh that the “Monk” was being haunted. )

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